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Sour Blackberry THC Fruit Chews by Smokiez Edibles

September 17, 2020

PACKAGING The package for these Sour Blackberry THC Fruit Chews by Smokiez Edibles is super cute! The nice natural blackberry all-over pattern is really sweet and original. It’s neither sterile and minimalist, or gauche and busy, which seem to be the two predominant aesthetics in cannabis package design. It’s pretty,…

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Candy Apple Cured Resin Cartridge by Leafwerx

September 1, 2020

PACKAGING Leafwerx’s packaging is color-coded to match genetics and their effects, but this cute little red package also corresponds with the candy apple flavor. Straight sativas are called ‘Go’ and colored red in Leafwerx’s color system, So this cute candy apple package is informative as well. All of Leafwerx’s vape…

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Pink Lemonade Fruit Noms by Pioneer Squares

August 19, 2020

PACKAGING Pink Lemonade Fruit Noms by Pioneer Squares is attractively and uniformly packaged like all products from this line. Color-coordinated to match the flavor, the black, opaque and, the pink package makes for an eye-catching bag. The bag is a little large, but it isn’t rigid so it’s easy to…

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Gello by Savage

July 31, 2020

PACKAGING This much-anticipated Gello by Savage comes in an extremely sexy package. The glass jar is adorned with a minimalist, stylish label and the flat black lid. The label is also flat black with yellow lettering, the color scheme is modern and easy to read. The 502 label doesn’t contain…

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Sour Watermelon Marmas

July 30, 2020

PACKAGING At the suggestion of a fellow customer, I chose these Sour Watermelon Marmas. The packaging is white with bright rainbow swirls popping off the package. The cardboard package is relatively compact for holding 10 candies and has a nice shape that looks good hanging from a wall or sitting…

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Marionberry Doozies by Green Revolution

July 28, 2020

PACKAGING This ten-pack of 10mg Marionberry Doozies by Green Revolution comes in a pretty, purple, cardboard package. The package is decorated with a design that displays cute drawings of marionberries, and pictures of the actual gummies, which sort of look like berries themselves. The package also states that the gummies…

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Acapulco Gold Wax By Altus

June 30, 2020

PACKAGING We’ve reviewed a few different Altus strains, and as we’ve said before, the packaging is solid. This Acapulco Gold wax by Altus comes in a cute, purple package. The cardboard and plastic standard concentrate package is nice and compact. No need to take up too much shelf space, this…

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B-52 by Coastal Growers

May 18, 2020

PACKAGING The packaging for this B-52 by Coastal Growers is pretty utilitarian. The standard silver and gold pouch has simple labels that state the producer name, strain name, and all of the legally required info. The information provided wasn’t abundant, but it was proficient. There is no hideous logo, or…

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Blue Frost RSO by Skagit Organics

May 11, 2020

PACKAGING In terms of design and aesthetic, there’s only so much RSO can do. And sometimes I prefer processors to keep things simple and focus on what really matters, the product! This Blue Frost RSO by Skagit Organics comes in the standard silver pouch, in the easy-to-dose syringe plunger. The…

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Chocolate Nougat Bars by THC Express

April 20, 2020

PACKAGING Aside from the plethora of labels that tell you these are infused chocolates, this package manages to look like a nice, attractive bag of fancy chocolates. The bag strikes a nice balance of informing the consumer and being discreet enough to not draw attention. The bag has a 100…

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