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September 1, 2020


Leafwerx’s packaging is color-coded to match genetics and their effects, but this cute little red package also corresponds with the candy apple flavor. Straight sativas are called ‘Go’ and colored red in Leafwerx’s color system, So this cute candy apple package is informative as well. All of Leafwerx’s vape packages let you know that the extract is from a single source, and sparkling clean. It has all of the terpenes without any of the bullshit. That’s not what the Candy Apple Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx package says, but I can read between the lines. Cute, informative, discreet, and small, this package does everything it needs to.


This Candy Apple Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx looks good! Once again, first impressions of cartridges are kind of silly. But the main thing is the quality of the manufacturing, and this cartridge is well-made. Not flimsy, leaky, garbage like some.


Oh boy! What a treat this Candy Apple Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx was. First of all, like every cartridge from the high terpene Cured Resin line, the flavor is unprecedented. The clean-burning vape cartridge accentuates the high terpene concentrate for a one-of-a-kind experience. This Candy Apple cartridge tastes like fruity candy. To me personally, I couldn’t distinguish an apple flavor per se, but it did taste delightfully sweet and fruity, with an earthy aftertaste. I maybe even detected a bit of citrus, but maybe that was just my biased taste buds. The effects of the extract were fast-acting and absolutely delightful. Definitely a sativa, this extract made me feel perky, giggly, and energetic yet calm pretty much as soon as I hit it. Candy Apple comes from a long line of sativa strains, it’s parentage from Blueberry X Pineapple X Afghani, making it a blissful and enjoyable strain. Perfect for outdoor excursions, working out, being creative, or being social, as much as any of those things is even possible right now.


Sativa and terpene lovers rejoice! This Candy Apple Cured Resin cartridge by Leafwerx is the fruity late summer treat you’ve been looking for.

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