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August 19, 2020


Pink Lemonade Fruit Noms by Pioneer Squares is attractively and uniformly packaged like all products from this line. Color-coordinated to match the flavor, the black, opaque and, the pink package makes for an eye-catching bag. The bag is a little large, but it isn’t rigid so it’s easy to fit in any bag you want to put it in. It’s also waterproof for outdoor excursions. With edibles, the information provided by the package is always sufficient and different from other cannabis products. The non-active ingredients are always listed, as it’s required, and cannabinoids are listed, but rare cannabinoids and terpenes rarely are, which makes sense to me. One exciting new addition to the info on this package is that it’s now Kosher, which is great!


These Pink Lemonade Fruit Noms by Pioneer Squares are truly works of art. The sugar-coated squares each have a tiny piece of candied lemon artfully centered in them. The sun shines through the transparent candies, as they’re not loaded with artificial coloring. They also have a nice, lemon-scent that exudes from the candy, which is impressive. They are just so pretty and smell so good that you can’t wait to eat them.


In all honesty, this might be the best fruit candy I’ve ever eaten. It’s like an artisan sour patch kid, like unbelievably tasty. The texture was chewy yet melted in your mouth, the perfect blend of the two textures. The flavor was powerfully lemony, yet delicately sweet. The piece of candied lemon in the middle added a nice little bit of a more chewy texture in the middle and an extra pop of flavor. I wish they made non-infused candy so I could eat it all day and not get too high. Like most of the 10mg edibles on the market, this one did the trick with just one and got me extra cheesed when I ate two. The only issue I had with this is that it tastes so good I wanted to eat the entire bag, which would have gotten me too high. These might just be the perfect summer edible.


These candies taste like summer. Pink lemonade flavors infused with THC, yes, please. If you’re looking for some tasty summer treats that’ll get you high, these Pink Lemonade Fruit Noms by Pioneer Squares are it. They’re light, delicious, and get you high. So basically, they’re perfect.

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