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April 20, 2020


Aside from the plethora of labels that tell you these are infused chocolates, this package manages to look like a nice, attractive bag of fancy chocolates. The bag strikes a nice balance of informing the consumer and being discreet enough to not draw attention. The bag has a 100 mg THC sticker on the front, with 10 chocolates at 10mg each. The ingredients are also clearly listed on the package. Each chocolate is individually wrapped, as required by law.


The individual wrappers were well-sealed but not too difficult to open. Once the chocolate is out of the wrapper, you can see the pretty little rectangles. They’re perfect, and uniform and look like something those of us with sweet tooths would be excited to eat.


Eating these chocolate nougat bars by THC Express was a pleasure. They’re kind of like an upper-echelon Three Musketeers. The chocolate is dark enough to not be overly sweet, while still sweet enough for any palate. The high from this candy was surprisingly strong! Normally 10 mg isn’t enough to really knock my socks off, but this did. I think it’s something to do with the combination of chocolate and cannabis, a combo I find to be HIGHly complementary. They were also quite fast-acting, which was a wonderful surprise.


A pretty candy, that tastes great. The high is fast-acting and packs a lot of punch for a 10mg candy. These chocolate nougat bars by THC Express are an excellent infused treat.

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