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May 18, 2020


The packaging for this B-52 by Coastal Growers is pretty utilitarian. The standard silver and gold pouch has simple labels that state the producer name, strain name, and all of the legally required info. The information provided wasn’t abundant, but it was proficient. There is no hideous logo, or overly busy background. The fonts are unique and easy to read. Some may be deterred by this lack of sleek marketing and branding, but I am not one of them. Good flower does not need to be marketed well, it just needs to be good. The flower appeared to be vacuum-sealed, or at least cleared of any air, which I appreciated.


B-52 by Coastal Growers is some beautiful flower! Large, dense buds that break apart easily, and smell wonderful. The color ranged from lime to forest green and the buds were exceptionally crystalline. Interestingly, my impression of the scent for this flower was a pungent diesel fragrance, which is not what I was expecting from this strain. But my sampling associate and I both noticed the strong diesel scent. There were also some hints of sweet citrus.


I used a water pipe to sample this B-52 by Coastal Growers and was pleasantly surprised by the flower. The flavor was excellent, similar to the scent, though the diesel elements came off as more skunky when tasted. The finish was sweet and citrusy. The cold curing process really shines in how this flower breaks apart and smokes. The flower remains resiny while also being dry enough to snap apart perfectly. It smokes clean and smooth, not harsh whatsoever. The high was powerful but well-balanced, chill but clear-headed. The only complaint I have about this flower is that it is so tasty, and smokes so effortlessly, that I want to smoke more of it than I need to.


For the price point, this B-52 by Coastal Growers is the best in the business. The flower is loud and pleasantly-scented, has beautiful buds, and smokes great.

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