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May 11, 2020


In terms of design and aesthetic, there’s only so much RSO can do. And sometimes I prefer processors to keep things simple and focus on what really matters, the product! This Blue Frost RSO by Skagit Organics comes in the standard silver pouch, in the easy-to-dose syringe plunger. The package has the sticker for the strain, and the 502 label is extremely detailed with the information it offers. It lists all of the rare cannabinoids the RSO contains, which is wonderful for those who use RSO for therapeutic uses. m


Unlike flower or most other concentrates, there isn’t a lot of room for variations in texture and fragrance in RSO. RSO needs to be uniform and consistent. And this Blue Frost RSO by Skagit Organics offers consistency and efficacy. The texture is as it should be, and the syringe plunger operates as it should making it easy to put into edibles.


As RSO is an activated product, it’s perfect to put into edibles. Which is what I did with this Blue Frost RSO by Skagit Organics. The flavor was subtle and mild. The RSO was mixed with some fairly strong flavors, namely chocolate, so I missed any fruity or sweet notes that may have been present, and did notice a mild and pleasant herbal flavor that complimented the fudge that I made with it. The high was fast-acting and powerful. There are so many variables when it comes to the potency and efficacy of edibles you make yourself. From the contents of your stomach, to the method in which you prepared the edibles, you can’t blame the product if your high is too powerful or not powerful enough. With that in mind, I found this Blue Frost RSO by Skagit Organics to be consistent and efficient. I was worried about it losing efficacy being heated, but it seemed just as powerful and efficient as ever. The high was powerful, with an intense relaxing effect both physically and mentally.


If you’re looking for some medical-quality RSO to provide pain relief, or enhance your appetite, this Blue Frost RSO by Skagit Organics is perfect. The package provides all of the information you’ll need for any medical needs, and the product is easy to dose and effective. It also contains rare cannabinoids for anyone looking to experiment.

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