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July 31, 2020


This much-anticipated Gello by Savage comes in an extremely sexy package. The glass jar is adorned with a minimalist, stylish label and the flat black lid. The label is also flat black with yellow lettering, the color scheme is modern and easy to read. The 502 label doesn’t contain a lot of info. In fact, the label doesn’t contain any extra info, just the basics. The strain name and some bare bones cannabinoid info are the only real product information provided. Nothing about how the cannabis is grown, no terpen or rare cannabinoid info.


The label obscures the flower on the jar, for the most part, so the first impression of this Gello by Savage comes after you unscrew the lid. The fragrance was neither overly loud nor overly subtle. It didn’t overwhelm the room with a scent, but when you gave it a real whiff the scent was pleasant and present. Notes of fruity citrus and a pungent earthiness blend to create a well-balanced and alluring aroma. The buds were on the small side, but quite nicely formed and perfectly dense. Not so dense they were difficult to break up but dense enough to provide ample smoking experience per weight. The buds were exquisitely colorful, ranging from light to dark green, with a deep royal purple embellishing leaves throughout each bud. Ample bright orange hairs helped fully round out the rainbow of color.


This flower smoked so well it’s hard to even explain. I used a water pipe, which really accentuated the wonderfully fruity, citrusy, and earthy flavors. The cloud was big and clean, allowing for monster hits without causing too much coughing. This flower smoked exceptionally clean. Due to its perfect fluffy yet dense texture, it was easy to clear my personal bowl and didn’t leave the nasty unsmoked ass bowl some improperly cured bud will leave behind. The high was definitely indica, intense, and relaxing. Better suited for nighttime or a day without much to do. This is some high THC flower and you will definitely feel it. If you’re looking for something to help you sleep or calm you at the end of the day, this Gello by Savage is the perfect choice of flower for you.


This much-hyped flower by Berner is definitely worth a try. It smells, tastes, and smokes great. It provides a powerfully relaxing high and looks good while doing it.

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