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July 30, 2020


At the suggestion of a fellow customer, I chose these Sour Watermelon Marmas. The packaging is white with bright rainbow swirls popping off the package. The cardboard package is relatively compact for holding 10 candies and has a nice shape that looks good hanging from a wall or sitting on the shelf. The package is high-quality and durable, and even in the high temps helped insulate the candies so they didn’t melt. These candies are vegan and gluten-free, as clearly labeled and explained on the package. The ingredients listed did kind of bum me out, I have to admit. Not a big fan of artificial dyes like Red #40 which this candy had in it. Just seems unnecessary. These candies were easy to open, which is a huge perk. I realize there is probably some understandable regulation around how easy candies are to open. Toddlers would love to find a secret candy stash and eat them all, they can’t be easy enough for babies to open. But the amount of agility required to open some edible candies is wild, and bordering on ableist


Once the package is opened, the candy is revealed. It’s a fairly normal-looking candy. Square, fairly small, covered in sugar. A subtle fruit scent can be noted if you’re very close, but otherwise, it just looks like a square gummy candy. These nondescript candies are cute and conspicuous. Making them perfect for eating in public, or anytime you need to be discreet.


There are lots of THC-infused gummy candies on the market, these Sour Watermelon Marmas offer a truly unique experience. The texture is lovely, once you bite into them, you’ll notice the texture is almost jelly-like, as opposed to chewier like your standard gummy. The jelly-like texture refreshing and lends itself to the fruity flavor. It may be the pectin used as opposed to gelatin, which is what makes it vegan. I didn’t notice the sour flavor, mostly just sweet with a very subtle tartness. As far as the watermelon flavor, it was fruity and juicy but it tasted like a more general, juicy, fruit to me. In a blind test, I wouldn’t be able to tell it was watermelon. But it was delicious nonetheless. All gummy candies in Washington are 10mg a piece, but for whatever reason, these got me lit. The high took a little bit to notice, but once I did it was uniquely powerful


These Sour Watermelon Marmas are some of the most popular edibles in Washington for a reason. They’re delicious, cute, and they do the trick in terms of effects. If you’re an infused-candy connoisseur, you’ve got to give them a try.

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