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July 28, 2020


This ten-pack of 10mg Marionberry Doozies by Green Revolution comes in a pretty, purple, cardboard package. The package is decorated with a design that displays cute drawings of marionberries, and pictures of the actual gummies, which sort of look like berries themselves. The package also states that the gummies are infused with ‘TLC: terpenes, love, and cannabinoids.’ Nutritional information is on the back. The package also explains that each gummy has 10mg THC and 2mg CBD. The packaging is attractive and provides all of the information you could ever need.


Once these sweet gummies were released from their plastic wrappers you can see that these cute, bear paw shaped gummies are about the size of a quarter, with the width of a bottle cap. They’re covered in sugar, and the color was a similar shade of purple as the package, a lilac shade. The gummies have a subtle berry scent. They did get a little sticky in the extremely hot weather we were experiencing, so if you don’t have AC and are storing these during a heatwave, you might consider refrigerating them. Once those tasty treats are unwrapped, they aren’t long for this world, because we eat with our eyes first, and these Marionberry Doozies by Green Revolution are lovely.


Eating these Marionberry Doozies by Green Revolution was an absolute pleasure. They are tasty as heck! They do have a bit of a bitter aftertaste, that tastes like a natural terpene. The same type of bitter sour flavor is present in fresh berries, but it does present as an aftertaste in these gummies, as opposed to part of the whole flavor as it would with berries. The dosage of these gummies is perfect for me. The ratio of THC to CBD is ideal for those who want the THC high, but also appreciate some CBD in the mix to help relax and soothe the edible experience. The effects were fast-acting and perfect. Mellow yet perky, I was able to enjoy a nice evening, and eat another a few hours later and drift easily off to sleep.


Anyone looking for a nice high THC low CBD edible candy should give these Marionberry Doozies by Green Revolution a try. They’re pretty, tasty, and provide the perfect high.

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