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June 30, 2020


We’ve reviewed a few different Altus strains, and as we’ve said before, the packaging is solid. This Acapulco Gold wax by Altus comes in a cute, purple package. The cardboard and plastic standard concentrate package is nice and compact. No need to take up too much shelf space, this package pops off the shelves with cute design. The purple background has a subtle plant-inspired geometric design that I appreciated. The silicon lid on the little glass container is also purple, making the whole package matching and extra cute.


The texture of this wax is one of the best things about it. It’s nice and malleable. A bit flakey, but in a good way. Easy to dab, without making a mess. The little flakey crumbles are easy to gather into a nice hit. The fragrance of this Acapulco Gold wax by Altus was also a strong point. The terpene heavy concentrate showed off the strain’s peppery, citrusy scented genetics. The fragrance is perfectly balanced, nice and light, and refreshing.


With the wonderful texture and fragrance of this Acapulco Gold Wax by Altus, it was a pleasure to get to dab it. It dabbed well, providing nice big clouds at a variety of temperatures. The flavor matched up with the scent, with notes of an almost minty spicy flavor, with hints of citrus as well. It made for an exceptionally refreshing flavor. The high was equally refreshing, though in a different way. The famous sativa genetics provided a joyful, energizing high that is perfect for tackling overwhelming creative or outdoor projects. Relaxes the hurried part of the brain that makes you overthink things and put them off while providing the jolt of energy you need to get things done. The high is also perfect for working out. Whether biking, hiking, or any of the quarantine-approved outdoor activities you may be partaking in.


Altus makes some seriously reliable, high-quality concentrate. This Acapulco Gold wax by Altus is no different. The texture, fragrance, flavor, and high are all great. This is some of the most solid concentrate you can get in this price range.

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