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Candies, chocolates, capsules, mints, snacks, gummies, cookies, brownies, pretzels, sodas and lemonades are just a taste of the incredible edibles you’ll find at Uncle Ike's Pot Shop. With five locations across Seattle, we’re also nearby and never disappoint. Just like the rest of our amazing menu of cannabis products, our infused edibles showcase the most popular, sought-after, innovative and unique options available anywhere.

Seattles Go-to for Weed Gummies

Cosmic Candy, Craft Elixirs, Green Revolution, Sweet Nirvana Bakery, Swell and the most notable brands are showcased on our shelves. Find some new favorites and cater to your preferences with indicas, sativas, hybrids and CBD. Shop high potency of THC, relax at the end of a day, inspire creativity, add a boost to your workout or treat your aches and pains. Edibles offer easy dosing, discretion and vibrant flavors.

High Quality Edibles in Seattle

Where once the taste of cannabis-infused edibles was unpleasant and beverages tended to be grainy, today’s selection is a delicious feast sure to please every palate. They are an ideal option for beginners and anyone who prefers not to smoke. Reactions can take from 30 to 90 minutes to be fully realized and tend to be more intense and last longer than other consumption methods. At Uncle Ike's Pot Shop we welcome you to ask questions and encourage starting slow and waiting for our edibles to take full effect for deciding to eat more.

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