Does Uncle Ike really exist?
Who can legally buy cannabis?
What are acceptable forms of identification?
Do I have to be a Washington resident to buy cannabis?
Can I see the marijuana before I purchase it?
Can I try the marijuana before purchasing it?
Can I purchase cannabis products to resell?
How much cannabis may I purchase?
Can I buy trim?
Can I buy seeds?
Do you barter?
Do you accept Bitcoins?
May I consume cannabis products on Uncle Ike's premises?
Can I return or exchange products purchased at Uncle Ike's?
If I consume one of your edibles will I call 911 on myself?
Do you have a happy hour?
Do you have sales?
Can I grow my own marijuana in the state of Washington?
Is this a setup?
What's the difference between THC and TLC?
Where can I smoke or consume marijuana products?
Will I get arrested for smoking in public?
How do I use my Uncle Ike's Battery - 'the one with the button'
What possible pesticides do your growers use on their plants?