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With five pot shop locations across Seattle, Uncle Ike's Pot Shop is always nearby, definitely worthwhile, and forever championing the best interests of our medicinal patients and recreational friends and neighbors from our community and throughout the country. Our selection of carefully curated cannabis tinctures caters to every lifestyle, preference, and objective. Shop indicas, sativas, hybrids, and CBD for your desired potency and effects.

Cannabis Tinctures at Uncle Ike's Pot Shop‘s Dispensary

Tinctures are nothing new. They’ve been used in medicinal treatment for centuries. Offering advantages such as compact packaging, including droppers for dosing and accuracy of dosing, they continue to gain popularity. At Uncle Ike's Pot Shop, you’ll discover the most well-known brands, exciting strains, and an incredible richness of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Easy & Discrete Cannabis Consumption with Tinctures

With marijuana tinctures, there’s no ash, odors, waste, smoke, or mess of any kind. No expertise is required. Place the recommended dosage under the tongue and allow it to absorb. Swallow any remaining liquid. Sublingual effects are typically felt within 15 to thirty minutes. You can also add tinctures to foods or beverages for the delayed effects of an edible without the extra calories. When stored properly, tinctures offer an especially long shelf-life. Uncle Ike's Pot Shop welcomes you to stop by or order online for expedited in-store pickup.

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