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Journeyman Cherry Lemonade 100mg Journeyman

Tangy, rich and reefer filled – Journeyman delivers electrically groovy vibes in one sip of Cherry Lemonade heaven.

Vegan, Gluten Free and All-Natural · Made from scratch in-house with a recipe that complements the cannabis

100mg THC · 2oz bottle
10 capfuls, 10mg THC per capful

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Crystal Clear Disposable Vape Maui Wowie 1g (S) Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear delivers a great high every time because we obsess over quality control. Each of out proprietary blends replicates a flower’s terpene profile to create the same high without tars and resins. We oversee the entire process to ensure a consistent experience, one with a high potency at a great price that loyal customers know and love. Easy on the throat, discreet, potent, and available in a variety of flavors and strains.

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