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Indica, sativa, and hybrid are the three main categories of cannabis products, each offering a diversity of unique potential. Understanding the effects of the various strains is very helpful for making effective choices. While everyone reacts differently to cannabinoids, terpenes, and consumption methods, indicas are generally thought to produce more of a body high while sativas are associated with a head high.

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Indicas create a feeling of deep relaxation that can often be felt throughout the body. You may notice your brain slowing down and enjoy a wave of true peace. There is a wide availability of indica products focused on lessening anxiety. These strains tend to offer a higher CBD to THC ratio than sativas and are commonly sought out for relieving muscle tension and promoting sleep.

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For always easy access to your favorite indicas, exciting specials, and new opportunities, Uncle Ike's Pot Shop includes five locations across Seattle. As your nearby pot shop of choice, we welcome friends, neighbors, and visitors to check out our incredible array of quality flower, affordable pre-rolls, delicious menu of edibles, topicals, tinctures, vapes, waxes, live badder, kief, life resin, capsules and everything you’re looking for. Spend some time or speed things up if online ordering and in-store pickup.

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