Ike’s Gives Back!

In addition to regular community cleanups throughout our neighborhoods, Ike’s proudly supports Seattle charities such as…

The Big Lift
Pride 2019 was our 3rd year partnering with Entre Hermanos for our annual Pride Promotion. We beat our goal and were able to donate over $40,000!

“Every year during Pride, Uncle Ike’s organizes its vendors for “The Big Lift” fundraising drive to support Entre Hermanos, which works to support the Latinx LGBTQ+ community. This year, we’re thrilled to announce that we beat last year’s record of $37,000 with a whopping $40,161.83. We’d like to thank all the vendors who participated, and remind anyone reading this that the giving doesn’t end with Pride — there is a donation box on the counter at Ike’s Central District location year round.

But mostly we’d like to explain why we support Entre Hermanos specifically and why you should too. First, a bit of backstory: Entre Hermanos was founded in 1991 primarily to combat the HIV/AIDS crisis. They offered and continue to offer free onsite HIV testing, as well as prevention services (free condoms, assistance with PrEP, etc.) and bilingual case management for HIV+ members of the community.

“Our services ease access to life-saving information, services, and resources for those at highest risk of sexually-transmitted infection and facing the greatest barriers due to their intersecting identities,” said Owen David, Entre Hermanos’ Development Manager. But while their work around HIV continues to be vital, especially in ensuring equal access to PrEP for members of the Latinx LGBTQ+ community, but there is a new crisis afoot.

LGBTQ people are criminalized in dozens of countries, many of them in Central or South America. The number of LGBTQ, and specifically trans, individuals fleeing discrimination in their home countries, and seeking asylum in the U.S., has risen. Unfortunately, our country’s track record on trans rights isn’t exactly spotless, and our immigration enforcement agencies’ even less so. It’s not quite hopping out of the frying pan and into the fire — obviously anything is better than being murdered by a gang for your gender identity — but it’s still unfair and unconscionable.

“The greatness for me of any society is how well it cares for those who can least care for themselves.””
– Tobias Coughlin-Bogue

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Donation boxes

In addition to our Country Doctor donation box at the Capitol Hill location, we have added donation boxes to our other locations.

At the Central District shop we have a donation box in both the pot shop and the Glass & Goods shop for Entre Hermanos. All donations at Uncle Ike’s Central District stores will be matched 100%, with a $10,000 monthly limit, and given directly to Entre Hermanos, a company that we are proud to work with.

White Center Food Bank
Uncle Ike’s has a donation box at the White Center location and donations will be matched 100%, with a $10,000 monthly limit, and given directly to the the White Center Food Bank.
“Our Mission is to Minimize Hunger…
While nourishing community, nurturing self-reliance and embracing our rich cultural diversity.
The White Center Food Bank began unofficially in the mid-1970’s as an emergency response to assist struggling families and individuals in the greater White Center and Highline areas during a major economic downturn. Much like today, many in the community were facing difficult economic conditions that left them in need of food resources.We were there then. We are here now.”


WC food bank sign

Country Doctor Community Health Clinics
Uncle Ike’s is dedicated to helping solve the ever growing problem of homelessness in the greater Seattle area. Starting in 2018, in an effort to curb this issue we are advising the patrons of our Capitol Hill location to give their change to our donation boxes, which are located inside the store, as an alternative to donating to individuals soliciting change outside our store. While donating individually to a needy person may provide you with a sense of moral and ethical fulfillment, this kind of charity can be socially counterproductive. Often times these donations go towards enabling drug addictions rather than providing addiction recovery or food, clothing, and shelter. All donations at this Uncle Ike’s store will be matched 100%, with a $10,000 monthly limit, and given directly to the Country Doctor Community Health Center. These donations will help fund the Country Doctor Community Clinic, Carolyn Downs Family Medical Center, and the After-Hours Clinic. The Country Doctor has been a vital part of the Capitol Hill community since 1971 and strives to provide high quality primary health care to the community regardless of their ability to pay.

Country Doctor Signs

Entre Hermanos

Entre Hermanos proudly serves the local LGBTQ community through disease prevention, education, support services and more. In 2018, Entre Hermanos began taking immigration cases including asylum, citizenship, DACA renewals and spouse petitions. Ike’s is proud to continue our support of this fine program and look forward to their HIV testing program expansion to five days a week in 2019.

In 2018, Uncle Ike’s and participating vendors donated over $37,000 to Entre Hermanos.



Uncle Ike’s and participating vendors donated $12,000 to Entre Hermanos.


Pride 2018


Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation

In 2017, Uncle Ike’s donated $7,500 and participated in the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation Flag Football tournament.


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