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Whether you’re stepping inside Uncle Ike's for the first time or a well-acquainted cannabis devotee, expect a mix of excitement at the wide array of products. There are nearly endless opportunities to find the perfect something for your needs. Because everyone experiences cannabis differently, determining your personal favorites may take a bit of experimentation. Consulting with our staff and learning more about options helps to define your search.

Hybrid Cannabis Products at Uncle Ike's

Due to widespread cross-breeding, very few strains exhibit absolute sativa or indica attributes. Hybrid cannabis strains are varieties that combine the genetics of sativa and indica plants. They can be indica- or sativa-dominant, an upper or a downer, and are wonderfully versatile. The effects are decided by the parent plants’ genetics and allow growers to focus on specific characteristics and curative potential. The high from hybrids can be uplifting and energizing or sleepy and relaxed.

Seattle’s finest hybrid cannabis strains

Browse our shelves in person or by way of our well-organized website. Enjoy our comfortable, relaxed vibe with no hurry, or take advantage of the quick turnaround of online ordering and in-store pickup. As everybody’s friendly, neighborhood weed shop, Uncle Ike's is established in five locations in Seattle and is always right around the corner. We look forward to introducing you to a wide world of hybrids, including vapes, smokable flower, singles, and packs of pre-rolls, tinctures, topicals, incredible edibles, and a wide variety of extracts.

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