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Hundreds of strains of flower means you’re going to find your familiar favorites, exciting new options and something you’re going to love at Uncle Ike's Pot Shop. The hardest part of shopping with us is choosing. Our indicas, hybrids, sativas and CBD bud is a celebration of tradition and innovation. Carefully cultivated to measure up to our uncompromising standards for quality, our wide variety never sacrifices aromas, flavors or textures.

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Avoid the stems and leaves and appreciate the full-bodied terpenes of flower coated in sticky trichomes. Shop specials and sales and browse the most notable brands in cannabis, including Phat Panda, Western Cultured, Show Cannabis, Novo Dia, Equinox Gardens and Freddy’s Fuego. We get excited by high THC potency Kandy Kush, Animal Mintz and Trophy White. For therapeutic treatment, we’d be delighted to share 20:1 Electra and Lifter. We also carry a variety of strains including Cookies & Cream, Papaya Cake, Gandalf, OG Chem Ice Cream Cake, Dutch Haze, Lemon Shortbread & many more.

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Flower is wonderfully old school, eternally popular and exceptionally versatile. Grown, dried, harvested and cured, bud can be smoked from a pipe or bong or rolled up into a joint or blunt. The potency is listed as a percentage that represents the proportion of milligrams of cannabinoids (such as THC and CBD) per gram of cannabis flower. Be aware that the full effects of cannabis flower typically set in after 30 minutes to an hour. We highly recommend beginning with small doses.

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Uncle Ike's Pot Shop welcomes you to stop in at any one of our five locations across Seattle to familiarize yourself with options for smoking cannabis flower. We are a favorite local recreational pot shop where you’re sure to find a rewarding experience, knowledgeable staff and outstanding products.

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