Who can legally buy cannabis?

Anyone over 21 years of age with a valid form of identification.

What are acceptable forms of identification?

A driver’s license, instruction permit, or identification card from any state, province of Canada, a U.S. territory, Washington D.C., or identicard issued by a Washington state department of licensing, a U.S. armed forces ID, Passport, Merchant Marine ID, or a government-issued Indian Tribal ID card from Washington. An expired ID can NOT be used to verify age.

Do I have to be a Washington resident to buy cannabis?

No, you do not have to. Everyone over 21 is welcome with valid identification!

Can I see the marijuana before I purchase it?

Yes! In all of its packaged glory.

Can I try the marijuana before purchasing it?

No. There is no sampling allowed on property and it is federally illegal to give away marijuana for free.

Can I purchase cannabis products to resell?

Only if you want to go to jail! No selling or sharing marijuana products is allowed in the state of Washington.

How much cannabis may I purchase?

Under I-502, a single transaction is limited to one ounce of usable cannabis, sixteen ounces of cannabis-infused product in solid form, seven grams of cannabis-infused extract for inhalation, and seventy-two ounces of cannabis-infused product in liquid form.

May I consume cannabis products on Uncle Ike's premises?

No, you may not open, smoke, or consume any cannabis product on Uncle Ike’s premises. Consumption of cannabis product is not allowed in public.

Can cannabis purchased legally in Washington be transported to other states?

No. Cannabis and cannabis products are only to be consumed in Washington State.

Can I return or exchange products purchased at Uncle Ike's?

We cannot accept returns or exchanges of product other than vapes or cartridges once it has been opened or has left Uncle Ike’s premises.
We only accept exchanges on cartridges and vapes if the product has a malfunction. You must bring the the product, the product package, and the receipt within ten days of purchasing.

Where can I smoke or consume marijuana products?

On private property only.

Will I get arrested for smoking in public?

Smoking marijuana in public is treated the same as public drunkenness, so there is typically a $350 fine that may be increased to $3,500 with possible jail time.

What possible pesticides do your growers use on their plants?

Possible Pesticides Applied to Your Purchase:

  • 1937 Farms: Azamx, Nuke Em, Mighty Wash, Bonide Bon-Neem 2; Extracted via supercritical CO2.
  • Altus/ WOW Industries: (Last updated 12/2017) AzaMax, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, neem oil; Extracted via a propane hydrocarbon process.
  • American Baked Co: Perpose Plus H2O2, compost tea, Nymbiosys Neem Oil, Milstop; Extracted via CO2 or distillate made from organic ethanol.
  • American Hash Makers/ Kohl Processing: Bonide Bon-neem oil II, neem oil, Mantis EC, Milstop (discontinuing usage as of April 2018); Extracted via solventless bubble hash and dry sift.
  • Artizen Cannabis: Regalia, BotaniGuard, Grandevo, Venerate, Clonex; Extracted via hydrocarbon.
  • Avitas/ Pax Era: Zerotol, Gnatrol, PFR-97, Suffoil-X, Pyganic, predatory insects; Extracted via supercritical CO2; including natural terpenes from strain and batch-specific extract source flower.
  • Ayra: No pesticides.
  • Bacon’s Buds: No pesticides.
  • Bigfoot Farms: Clonex, beneficial insects; Extracted via PHO hydrocarbon.
  • Blue Bastard/ Deep Flower: (Last updated 12/2017) Regalia, Bonide Neem Oil; Kief extracted via dry sifting, Bubble Hash extracted via ice water and bubble bags.
  • Blue Sky Growers: (Last updated 12/2017) Azamax, Nuke Em, Clonex, Green Cleaner (being phased out as of November 2017); Extracted via a closed loop butane system.
  • BMF Washington/ Liberty Reach: (Last updated 12/2017) Regalia, Grandevo, Pyganic, Nuke Em, Clonex, Green Cleaner(Used in 2016 harvest; being phased out as of 11/2017), AzaMax, neem oil, Zerotol, Rincon-Vitova beneficial insects, Trifecta; Extracted via closed loop CO2 and ethyl alcohol and may include propylene glycol or natural terpenes.
  • Bodhi HIgh: No pesticides; Concentrates extracted via hydrocarbons in a closed loop system with no additives. Cartridge extractions are as follows. Platinum: Distillate and full spectrum high terpene extraction. Bodhi High: distillate and strain specific terpenes. Honey Tree: distillate, fractionated coconut oil and flavored terpenes.
  • Boggy Boon: Safer Brand Sulfur, Pyganic, Aza-direct; concentrates extracted via butane, kief extracted via agitation. No additives to any concentrates.
  • Botanica Seattle (Spot/ Moxey’s/ Journeyman): Actinovate, neem oil, Bacillus thuringiensis, Beauvaria Bassiana, Pyganic, Preferal, Milstop, Sulfur, Nuke Em; Infusion via butter, or ethanol or CO2 oil.
  • Burnwell/ Ag Grow: Safer 3-1 Garden Spray, Clonex.
  • C4/ CannaBurst: Aza-Direct, Tritek, M-Pede, beneficial bacteria, cinnamon oil; Distillate extracted via ethanol.
  • Cannabelle: (Last updated 12/2017) 2016 Harvest: Trilogy, Clonex, Bayer Natria, Prevont; 2017 Harvest: Ecotec, PFR-97, Grandevo, Prevont; Extracted via CO2 with no additives.
  • Canna Organix: (Last updated 12/2017) Nuke Em, wettable sulfur, Clonex; Extracted via closed loop, low temperature butane/ propane extraction which is then winterized and filtered.
  • Cascade Crest Cannabis/ Agro Technic: Thyme Guard, Zerotol, Green Cleaner (discontinued as of Fall 2017), M-pede, Pyganic,
  • Circanna/ Oakor/ Nectar: Oakor- Neem oil, Regalia, Nuke Em, Monterey B.T, Actinovate, Pyganic, Zero Tolerance Herbal Fungicide, Zero Tolerance Herbal Pesticide, Suffoil-X, Milstop, Des-X, Ecotec, Neemix, Evergreen Pyrethrum, GreenCure; Extracted via CO2 and White Film CO2 Distillation.
  • Clandestine Gardens: Clonex, Regalia, Natria Neem Oil (discontinued Summer 2018), Procidic; Extracted via propane and butane or CO2.
  • Craft Elixirs: No pesticides; Extracted via organic cane alcohol; Fremont Freaks infused via THC-infused syrup. Natural terpenes added to some extractions.
  • Dabstract: Azaguard, Nuke Em, PFR-97, Grandevo WDG, Botanigard Maxx, Safer Brand 3 in 1 Garden Spray, Zerotol 2.0, Regalia PTO, Gnatrol; Dabstract extracted via light hydrocarbon possibly including propane, butane, isobutane, heptane and ethanol; Panda Pens, Panda Pods and Hot Sugar extracted via food-grade ethanol; Panda Pens and Pods may have food-grade terpenes added. All grow rooms are individually tested for pesticides prior to harvest.
  • Daddy Fat Sacks/ Origens: Clonex, beneficial insects, Nuke Em (discontinued as of August 2018); Solventless concentrates made via heat, water and pressure; BHO extracted by Kush Family Originals via butane; BHO extracted by Grow Bros using a 60/40 PHO/ N-tane mix.
  • Detour/ CannaSol: (Last updated 12/2017) Des-X, Ecotec, Grandevo, Kaligreen, Neemix, Pyganic, Sil-Matrix, Tritek, Trilogy.
  • Double Delicious: No pesticides; Extracted via CO2 or organic grapeseed alcohol.
  • Elevate Cannabis Company: AzaMax, Nimbiosys, Serenade, Monterey Take Down Garden Spray, Zerotol 2.0, Organocide, Clonex, GreenCure; Extracted via Ntane and propane.
  • Evergreen Herbal: Garden Safe Neem Oil, Liquid Ladybug, Green Cleaner (phasing out as of November 2017), Baking Soda, Nuke Em, Natural Guard Neem Oil by Fertilome, Safer Bio-Neem, Ladybugs, Bonide Neem Oil, Azamax, Rosemary oil, Thyme oil, Clove Oil, Nymbiosys Neem Oil, Actinovate, Safer 3 in 1 Concentrate; Extracted via Ethanol, then converted to distillate.
  • Exotikz: Venerate; Extracted via butane.
  • Experience Organics: No pesticides, only predatory insects; Kief extracted via dry sifting, Rosin extracted solventlessly via heat and pressure.
  • Fairwinds Manufacturing: No Chemical pesticides, indoor, in house only grown flower in clean room environment with beneficial insects only when needed; Closed loop extraction methods include hydrocarbon; tinctures infused via avocado oil. Oil Additives may include natural terpenes, see product ingredient lists for any other items.
  • Falcanna: Organic Mineral Tea.
  • Farm Girl/ Caldwell Cannabis: Clonex, Green Cleaner (phasing out as of April 2017), Safer Insect Killing Soap, Flying Skull Insecticide and Fungicide; Extracted via heat and pressure.
  • Farmers Distributors: (Last updated 12/2017) No pesticides.
  • Fire Bros: Regalia, clonex; Rosin extracted via heat and pressure.
  • Fireline: No pesticides; Extracted via hydrocarbon.
  • Freddy’s Fuego: Milstop (discontinuing as of June 2018); Extracted via a mixture of Isobutane and Propane in a closed loop system.
  • Fruit of the Root: Pesticide free; Kief extracted via dry sift with minimal agitation to allow for premium trichrome heads.
  • Gabriel: Clonex; Rosin extracted solventlessly via heat and pressure.
  • Gecko Growers: (Last updated 12/2017) 2016 Harvest: Bonide Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer, Trilogy, Kaligreen, Serenade Opti. 2017 Harvest: Trilogy, Bonide Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer.
  • Gold Leaf Garderns: Clean Green Certified; Nematodes, Soil Mites, Rove Beetles, Predatory Mites, bassania beauveria (beneficial bacteria strain), Rosemary oil, Mint oil, Dr. Bronner’s Organic Soap, Aloe, Willow Tree Extract; Hash and Rosin extracted via ice and water or heat and pressure with no additives.
  • GoodShip:  Azamax, Aza-Direct, Safer Insect Killing Soap II Concentrate, Green Cleaner (being phased out as of 11/2017); Extracted via CO2; Extracted oil may be additionally refined via fractional distillation. No additives are included.
  • Green 420/ Medusa: (Last updated 12/2017) Ecotec, Green Cleaner, predatory mites.
  • Green Freedom/ Sweet As!: Grandevo, M-Pede, Venerate, Regalia, Nuke Em; Extracted via butane, propane or ethanol.
  • Green Labs: Clonex, Pyrethrum TR, Green Cure, Suffoil-X, Grandevo, Zerotol 2.0; Extracted via ethanol.
  • Green Revolution: Organic compost, plant probiotics, predator bugs (ladybugs, primantis); Extracted from sun grown flower only via full CO2 or organic sugar cane alcohol extracts.
  • Grow Op/ Phat Panda/Sticky Frog: Azaguard, Nuke Em, PFR-97, Grandevo WDG, Botanigard Maxx, Safer Brand 3 in 1 Garden Spray, Zerotol 2.0, Regalia PTO, Gnatrol; Dabstract extracted via light hydrocarbon possibly including propane, butane, isobutane, heptane and ethanol; Panda Pens, Panda Pods and Hot Sugar extracted via food-grade ethanol; Panda Pens and Pods may have food-grade terpenes added. All grow rooms are individually tested for pesticides prior to harvest.
  • Grow State: Neem oil, Azaguard; Extracted via a 70/30 butane/ propane mix.
  • GStiks/ Gfarmalabs/ Satva Group: Neem oil, Regalia; extracted via CO2.
  • Heylo: Nimbiosys, Milstop, Trilogy, Bayer Natria Insecticide, Prevont; Extracted via supercritical CO2.
  • High Frequency Farms: NimbioSys Neem oil, Safer Brand Insect Killing Soap.
  • High Tide: Clonex, Regalia, Venerate XC, Grandevo WDG.
  • Honu: AzaMax, Trilogy, Evergreen, SNS 209, Green Cleaner (being phased out as of Dec. 2017), Pyganic, Clonex; Concentrates extracted via a closed- loop BHO system with no additives; PHO with no additives; cartridges extracted via CO2 and ethanol, additives may include propylene glycol and natural terpenes. Bullet and Strain CO2 cartridges contain no additives.
  • House of Cultivar: Grandevo PTO, Regalia, Venerate; Extracted via supercritical CO2 with ethanol winterization and distillation and carbon for filtration. Third party extractions via hydrocarbons.
  • IndigoPro/ Harmony Farms: Monterey Neem Oil, sesame oil; CO2 or distillate extracted; concentrates may include all- natural terpenes, but no other additives.
  • Ionic: No Pesticides; Extracted via Supercritical CO2. Oil additives may include natural terpenes.
  • K & M Growers: (Last updated 12/2017) Beneficial insects and compost tea.
  • Khush Kush: (Last updated 12/2017) No pesticides.
  • Kibble Junction: 2018 Harvest: No pesticides, only predatory mites. 2017 Harvest: Pyganic, PFR-97, Des-X, Neemix, Ecotec; Extracted via a closed-loop butane system.
  • Kiona THC: (Last updated 12/2017) Regalia, Neem Pro, beneficial insects.
  • Kouchlock Productions: (Last updated 12/2017) Azamax, Green Cleaner, Clonex; Extracted via N-Butane.
  • Lazy Bee: Clean Green Certified; Nimbiosys, beneficial insects; Extracted via BHO/PHO or CO2 with no additives.
  • LeafWERX/ OG Line: AzaMax, Regalia, Green Cure, Hydrogen Peroxide; Extracted via CO2, no additives.
  • Leaph: (Last updated 12/2017) Oxidate 2.0, M-Pede, Suffoil, Grandevo, Actinovate, Fungi-Phite, PreFerAl, Green Cleaner, Pyganic, Azamax; Extracted via heat, pressure, and ice.
  • Legion of Plume/ Georgetown Cannabis: (Last updated 12/2017) Mini Andersonia sachets (beneficial insects), Organocide, Clonex; Extracted via closed loop hydrocarbon with no additives.
  • Mantis Extracts/ Errrl’s/ Eco Ventures: Neem oil, Kaligreen, Actinovate; light hydrocarbon extracted via N-Butane and liquid propane; THC distillates extracted via decarboxylated short path distillation techniques.
  • Mfused: Clonex; extracted via CO2 or hydrocarbon with no additives.
  • Miller Farms: Organocide.
  • Mirth Provisions/Legal Beverages: Compost tea and cover crops; CO2 extraction.
  • Monkey Grass Farms: (Last updated 12/2017) Evergreen Pyrethrum, DES-X; Extracted via CO2, ethanol winterization, and steam distillation.
  • Ninja Gardens: (Last updated 12/2017) No pesticides.
  • Northwest Cannabis Solutions/Magic Kitchen/ Legends/ Private Reserve: Primarily predatory insects, nematodes and Preferal, Pyganic, Azamax, Monterey Neem oil, Suffoil-X. Other products used occasionally as needed include Cease, RootShield, Molt-X; Butane, CO2 or ethanol extracted. Oil additives may include propylene glycol.
  • Novo Dia: Rhizopon AA #2, Clonex, M-Pede, Pyganic II, Zerotol 2.0, Azaguard, Captiva, Ecotec, beneficial insects.
  • NW Nectar: Outdoor Harvest Sept. 2018: No pesticides. Indoor Harvest from Sept. 2018 on: bacillus thuringiensis, Organocide 3 in 1 spray, lemon water. Extracted via PHO/ BHO 70/30 mix with no additives. Edibles are vegan and gluten free.
  • Oil Tycoon/ WAPAP: No pesticides; extracted via butane.
  • Okanogan Gold: 2018 Harvest: No pesticides, only predatory mites. 2017 Harvest: Pyganic, PFR-97, Des-X, Neemix, Ecotec.
  • Oleum: SNS 209; grown in Savour permaculture soil; Extracted in a closed loop butane/ propane hydrocarbon system or 200 proof ethanol.
  • Orgrow: (Last updated 12/2017) Tritek; Extracted via food grade ethanol.
  • Peak Supply: Pyganic, Suffoil-X.
  • Pearl Extracts: Clean Green Certified; Des-X,  Ecotec, Grandevo, Neemix, Pyganic, Tritek, Trilogy, Clonex, Nuke Em, Azamax, Regalia, Neem oil, Safer Brands Potassium Salts of Fatty Acids; Extracted via CO2, followed by winterization of ethanol below 500 parts per million.
  • Pingston Creek: (Last updated 12/2017) Azamax, Clonex; BHO extracted with N-butane with no additives.
  • Puffin Farms: Clean Green Certified; Nymbiosys Neem Oil, Milstop (discontinued as of April 2018); Extracted via solventless processes- ice and water or heat and pressure, or CO2 or organic ethanol.
  • Royal Tree Gardens: AzaGuard, Green Cleaner (being phased out as of Dec. 2017), Cease, Regalia PTO, Safer Garden Fungicide; Oil extracted via butane, Kief extracted via dry ice, Cartridges extracted via CO2 in a closed loop system and contain no additives.
  • Saints/ Seattle Green Bud: Clove oil, predatory insects, neem oil.
  • Sirius: (Last updated 12/2017) Clonex, SNS 203, Azamax, Green Cleaner.
  • Skord: Actinovate; PHO extracted via propane, hash and rosin extracted via ice water. No additives.
  • Smokey Point Productions: Hormex Rooting Powder #8, Cease, Desect Diatomaceous Earth; Extracted via propane.
  • Solstice: Botanigard Maxx, Cease, GreenCure; extracted via hydrocarbon and shortpath distillation.
  • Sourface: 2018 Harvest: No pesticides. 2017 Harvest: Azamax.
  • Suncliff: (Last updated 12/2017) No Pesticides; CO2 extracted with natural cannabis terpenes added.
  • Sweetwater Farms: Clonex, Nuke Em; Extracted via CO2 or butane.
  • Techbud: 2018 Harvest: No pesticides, only predatory mites. 2017 Harvest: only beneficial insects. 2016 Harvest: Des-X, Neemix, Ecotec.
  • THC-Express: Neem oil, Milk, Baking Soda, Regalia, Grandevo, Cease; Extracted via butter.
  • Tikun/ Vi Medendi: Procidic 2.
  • TJ’s Organics: (Last updated 12/2017) Clonex, Neem oil, Karanja oil, Azamax, Rosemary essential oil, Thyme essential oil, Bronner’s Peppermint Soap.
  • TopShelf WA: Clonex, Essentria, Gnatrol WDG, Nature-cide, Neemix 4.5, Nuke Em, Regalia, Safer Insect Killing Soap, Trilogy. Concentrates extracted via butane and ethanol, then distilled.
  • U.S. Cannabis: No pesticides; Extracted via butane and propane.
  • Valhalla: (Last updated 12/2017) 2016 Harvest: Green Cleaner, Grandevo, Pyganic, Nufilm. 2017 Harvest: Pesticide Free. Extracted via butane.
  • Venspark: Pyganic, Grandevo; Extracted via distillate.
  • Vulcan Mountain: (Last updated 12/2017) Clonex; Pleaseant Valley 2016 Harvest: M-Pede, Green Cleaner, Thyme Guard; Extracted via ice method or butane.
  • WA Grower: SNS 217; Extracted via butane.
  • Washington Bud Co: Predatory insects, hydrogen peroxide, Clonex. Canis products extracted via ethyl alcohol.
  • Weedbush Lovers: Thyme Guard, Zerotol, Pyrethrum TR.
  • Wildflower: No pesticides; Extracted via CO2.
  • X-tracted/ Refine Seattle: See individual product packages for any source flower pesticides possibly used; Extracted via light hydrocarbon in a closed loop system from high grade starting materials from various producers.

How do I use "The Fancy One" vape battery?


  • Fully charge before using
  • Once fully charged, the light will turn from RED to GREEN.
  • Connect preferred cartridge by screwing it on.
  • To turn on and off, press the button five times rapidly.
  • Clicking the button twice activates the pre-heat mode.
  • Pre-heating helps warm the oil to prevent dry hits and create a bigger cloud (but be careful not to burn the oil by preheating for too long!)
  • To change voltage, press the button 3 times readily.

o    Green = 2.6volts

o    Blue = 3.4 volts

o    Red = 3.8 volts

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