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CBD for you and me!

September 2, 2016

Talk about bad news/good news scenarios. The week before I was scheduled to review some CBD products, I broke my toe, thus providing a perfectly painful chance to try out the soothing pain-relieving effects of cannabidiol-infused topicals and mints. What I also found was that the CBD hype currently swirling…

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Finally! A Marijuana Book by Somebody Who Gets It.

April 4, 2016

David Schmader is a bona fide marijuana user (I’ve smoked with him more than once) and his book Weed: The User’s Guide is short, breezy and hilarious … because he gets it. Schmader was an editor at the Stranger – Seattle’s notoriously pot-friendly Pulitzer Prize winning alt-weekly – and his…

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Marihuana and Hasheesh One Hundred Years Ago

September 15, 2015

If you think some folks are clueless about pot these days you should have been around a century ago when newspapers routinely claimed that marijuana turned people into insane murderers. Much of the early misinformation surrounding marijuana stems from Fitz Hugh Ludlow’s 1857 book The Hasheesh Eater – about a…

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Perfect Pot Brownie Recipe Revealed!

August 11, 2015

The secret to marijuana brownies is to make the marijuana brownies with kief. These words of wisdom come from Chef Ricky Flickenger – a caterer and former head pastry chef at Trophy Cupcakes who has been cooking with cannabis for decades. Chef Ricky has partnered with Uncle Ike’s for a…

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Washington's BEST ConcentRATES!

August 4, 2015

Uncle Ike’s has lowered prices on ALL CONCENTRATES! Check out our MENU or stop by and ask your favorite budtender about our selection!

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Spot Pot Edibles Are Spot On!

June 2, 2015

Uncle Ike arranged for me to visit Botanica Seattle so I showed up and asked if I could shoot a video. Taking pot shop journalism to the next level! My new low end GoPro camera had arrived the day before – and where better to test it than in a…

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Indica, Sativa or Blend? Tips for Marijuana Newbies

March 26, 2015

In our modern era of legal recreational marijuana, choices for the consumer can seem infinite, and this can be confusing for the uninitiated. Most people are new to the concept of buying specific types of labelled, tested marijuana. The availability of mixed strains and hybrids and cross-hybrids and oils and…

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A True Story of Maraschino Cherries, The Mafia, Marijuana and Bright Red Bees

March 20, 2015

If I told you a story about a marijuana grow hidden beneath a cherry factory that was dumping so much toxic juice into Brooklyn sewers that local bees were turning bright red, you would mock me as being insane for proposing such an outlandish yarn. Nobody would buy it. No…

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Confessions of an Incompetent Marijuana Grower

February 24, 2015

Last May I scored some decent bud from a Seattle dispensary that we’ll just call Stan’s, and it contained seeds! Nice folks at Stan’s – the bud was kind of hit or miss sometimes, but seeds? Almost unheard of to get seeds. The next day I became a pot grower!…

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Medical Marijuana Better Than Recreational Marijuana? Not.

February 5, 2015

The myth that cannabis that is medical is somehow stronger and or higher in quality than recreational cannabis is pervasive, especially in unfortunate areas of the country that don’t yet enjoy legal recreational marijuana. It’s a myth, people! Soon to be de-bunked by everyone on the planet, as the world…

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