Veronica is an art student at the UW, looking to get her BFA and eventually an MFA in drawing and painting. She’s a junior now and has only studio classes left after this quarter, which is a great thing.

Like most artists, she doesn’t get up until noon if she can help it. She’s got an 8:30 AM painting class, though.

She’s an occasional cannabis user and is “happy” that it’s legal.

Veronica says Uncle Ike’s treats her well and that she gets paid more than when she worked at a series of retail places. “It’s a more exciting atmosphere for sure.”

She’s finishing a German class, and recently made some German onion pie. She loves to cook and loves eating out too: Lots of great cheap eats up in the U-District.

Veronica is not a TV watcher, preferring to read, or listen to music while she works on her art or studies. She will watch one episode of one of those HBO shows that everybody raves about and be like “why are people so many hours of their life watching all this?”

Veronica says many random famous people have come through the store, but won’t name names. She sold an Ike’s shirt to a reporter who later turned up wearing it during an episode of TMZ.

Future plans: She’s planning a trip to Rome! For three months. “An incredible amount of art museums and antiquity everywhere.” Nice.