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In light of recent headlines regarding the health risks associated with vape additives and cutting agents, Uncle Ike’s conducted a supplementary round of testing for the month of September to test for Vitamin E Acetate from their shelves.

We are thrilled to announce upon the receipt of all test results that all products which were randomly pulled have tested OK! We commend all the vendors involved for their integrity and dedication to consumer safety as well as the participating retailers for their transparency. This project is a great example of the collaboration and accountability necessary to ensure that we keep Washington cannabis clean and safe for all!

“Vitamin E acetate (tocopheryl acetate) is a synthetic vitamin supplement that can be found in many cosmetic and dermatological products you may have seen. It is the ester of acetic acid and tocopherol (Vitamin E). Some reasons it has been seen as an attractive choice by manufacturers are its potential for extended shelf life, potential antioxidant effects and UV protection.

While Vitamin E acetate has been found in around 55% of the cannabis containing vape products that the FDA has examined in relation to the lung-disease outbreak, the FDA continues to caution that no one device, product nor substance has been linked in all cases.

Labs in WA are working hard to develop methods to shed light on various vape constituents, sharing results and information with consumers and government agencies so that consumers are able to confidently choose their products.”
-Dustin Newman, CSO Institute of Food Safety & Defense

The contaminants section is circled in the below sample CoA.

Screen Shot 2019-09-19 at 2.00.27 PM

View the full results from all participating retailers at https://www.okcannabis.com/vapegate/

The following brand’s cartridges were tested from Uncle Ike’s. Click the vendor to view their CoA.
1937 Farms
Bodhi High
EZ Vape
Freddy’s Fuego
Ionic Black
Ionic White
Lazy Bee Garden
Leafwerx Refined
Leafwerx Ultra-Refined
NWCS Crystal Clear
NWCS Evergreen
Phat Panda
Pearl Extracts
Puffin Farm
Topshelf WA

Below are statements from vendors share in regards to the current vaping scare.


AiroPro not only offers a superior experience but one you can trust. Our patented, closed system with premium, rigorously lab tested 100% natural ingredients is only sold in licensed retailers.
– Our producers test all ingredients and products as they arrive to their site, post extraction, post mix, and after cartridges have been filled with state certified labs
– We have never used Vitamin E acetate nor would we ever
– We never use PG, VG, PEG, or TEC nor would we ever
– Our product system is closed and not compatible with open market cartridges that can be misused
– Airo Brands has sold over 3 million units without a single health related consumer complaint


Avitas Products are 100% Cannabis and 100% Natural!

Avitas was founded on the principle that high-quality cannabis should be readily accessible for responsible adults to safely consume.

We take our mission statement seriously and we share great concern about the individuals who have been harmed vaping cartridges or e-cigarettes. We are monitoring the situation as it unfolds and will provide updates as clearer data is available. Right now we are 100% confident none of our products are involved in the current issues.

In the meantime, we want to ensure our customers and partners understand that WE DO NOT use cutting agents or any other fillers including Vitamin E Acetate in our products. And never will. Avitas Products are 100% Cannabis, period. Avitas products go through several rounds of quality control before it reaches our customers’ hands. We test each batch of flower and oil through state approved and accredited laboratories to exceed state guidelines. We are actively working with our lab partners to institute voluntary vitamin E acetate screening as soon as possible. This will provide another level of screening and provide comfort to our community as we are operating in this space of uncertainty, and lack of clarity from the press and regulatory agencies. We also only use certified CCell 510 threaded cartridges and all in one pens, and Pax Pods for our hardware.

We’re obsessed with bringing you the best flower and oil possible and we’re committed to ensuring our products are safe for consumption. 100% natural, 100% cannabis.

Avitas – What is 100% natural

What does 100% Natural mean? To Avitas, that means not using additives or cutting agents (vg, pg, peg, mct, etc) and NO THICKENING AGENTS (vitamin e acetate). 100% Natural means ensuring our flower is grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers containing heavy metals. It means thoroughly testing every batch of flower pre-extraction to ensure no contamination, and post extract to ensure no concentration of pesticides and heavy metals. 100% Natural means ensuring our extracts are batch and strain specific, which means the cannabinoid and terpene content are specific to the strain, the specific harvest and batch listed on the label. We don’t add terpenes from other sources, we don’t add THC to spike potency results, we don’t buy bulk product and slap our name on it. We strive for our extracts to represent the flower it came from, both from a flavor and experience perspective, just concentrated. That is our #mission. #lifegoals #100%natural #100%cannabis

Bodhi High

The Vitamin E Epidemic
Bodhi High Brands (BHB) Addresses Vape Additive Concerns
Spokane, WA, September 6, 2019 –

Due to the recent findings associated with the vaping epidemic that is sweeping the nation, health officials have possibly linked the mysterious lung illnesses to a byproduct of Vitamin E combustion. While Vitamin E is found naturally in foods around the world (Almonds, Avocados, Corn, etc.), Vitamin E acetate is the oil derived from the vitamin itself. This compound is commonly consumed as a nutritional supplement and is even applied topically for various skin ailments. Health professionals consider Vitamin E to be a powerful antioxidant that boosts anti-aging properties and may even prevent coronary heart disease.

However, when inhaled, Vitamin E acetate can have adverse effects on lung function. Cases across the country have indicated using Vitamin E oil as an additive in marijuana vape products could be one of the causes behind vape-related illnesses. High levels of Vitamin E acetate was found in nearly half of all cannabis- containing samples tested by FDA investigators. As the device heats up and the oil vaporizes, the chemical compounds can potentially decompose, cool, and ultimately coat the inner walls of the lungs.

Since the underlying cause can’t be confirmed, the FDA is still analyzing a number of compounds, specifically cutting agents used to dilute THC distillate. Last year, Conscious Cannabis discontinued the Honey Tree vape line containing fractionated coconut oil. FCO or MCT is one of the most common additives for vapor products within the marijuana industry and contains absolutely no Vitamin E acetate. Bodhi High Brands would like to reassure both retailers and consumers that none of our vaping products contain any additives, nor will they ever.

A description of our current vape offerings is as follows…

Platinum Pure = Distillate & Live Resin Cannabis-Derived Terpenes Bodhi High = Distillate & Cannabis-Derived Terpenes
Honey Tree = Distillate & Organic Plant-Derived Terpenes

About Bodhi High Brands

Bodhi High Brands (BHB) is a vertically integrated company that engages in research, manufacturing, sales, and distribution of recreational, medicinal cannabis, and hemp CBD products targeting beauty, lifestyle, and wellness industries both domestically and internationally.

Constellation Cannabis

Our #solventless vape cartridges have no solvents, cutting agents, artificial terpenes or harsh chemicals. Swipe to see what the state of Washington allows processors to put into #vape carts. We’re not doctors, but it seems to us that those chemicals crossing the blood-brain barrier might lead to health complications.

Your hardware is also critical. We use @avd_support_team as they are the only manufacturer we felt comfortable using, as they passed the California heavy metals test. We verified that claim with our own @confidence_analytics test. The cart has an organic wick, high quality glass, and ceramic mouthpiece.

There’s no excuse for the industry.



Commitment to Product Safety
Like you, we are truly heartbroken to read the recent news reports of vaping-related illnesses and deaths. With the latest investigations uncovering vitamin E acetate in some vape products, we want to provide clarity into the ingredients used in our products. At Hellavated we use only 100% cannabis derived distillate, isolated terpenes (Strainz), terpene blends (Blendz) and flavorings (Flavorz) for consistent and repeatable flavor and experience. We do not use PG, PEG, VG or any other cutting agents. Some of the flavoring bases in the Flavorz product line do contain a small % of MCT as a base for the flavorings, but NONE of our products contain vitamin E acetate, squalene, triethyl citrate or mineral oil. All of our products are tested prior to blending and all products are tested again after blending for potency. We use only name brand high quality carts from iKrusher, CCell and Pax, we do not use cheap knock off cartridges. All of our product packaging includes the full ingredient lists. Quality, efficacy and safety are our highest concerns. We believe in transparency for the good our industry, our customers and consumers, and we hope others will join with us in supporting transparency in the industry.

We are happy to provide all COAs for all product formulations, proof of product liability insurance, along with the sourcing information for our products upon request. We believe in full transparency and are not holding any information back as “proprietary”. For your convenience, we have attached a statement that you can post for customers as well.


A Message From Lo (Founder/CEO of Heylo Cannabis) to Heylo retail stores and consumers:
Heylo Cannabis vape cartridges, available only in Washington State retail stores, are free of Vitamin E Acetate. None of our products contain vitamin E acetate, squalene, triethyl citrate or mineral oil. Heylo vape cartridges are produced with only pesticide-free, sustainably-grown cannabis flower using Supercritical CO2 extraction and Organic ethanol following our proprietary RawX Method.

In the lab our philosophy is that “the plant is smarter than we are.” The safest and best experiences with cannabis come from the plant itself. We have worked tirelessly to develop a process that creates an extract as close to the plant as possible, not formulating to deviate from nature’s own development. Adulterating the oil with outside agents introduces unnecessary risk to consumers and has not, nor will it ever, align with our values of education and transparency to consumers.
Further questions or concerns? Feel free to reply directly to this email, comment on our blog, or submit Feedback that will be reviewed by me.


IO Letter
IO tests


WENATCHEE, Washington, September 6, 2019
— This press release serves to address the headlines of cannabis brands utilizing additives in their products.At Leafwerx, to ensure consumer and product safety, we rely SOLELY on a single source supply chain, which is OURSELVES. We cultivate, extract and process everything IN HOUSE. Material is regularly tested for pesticides, microbiol and residuals solvents at every stage of the product process: plant, flower, crude, and final product to ensure consistency.Our products are NEVER compromised with additives or cutting agents. Purity and plant derived ingredients are cornerstones of our company.In recent days, there have been media reports regarding additives and the dangers of vaping. This creates an opportune time for brands that hold cleanliness, quality and most importantly consumer safety as the highest regard to provide insight into their respective
processes and products.Instances that question health concerns and the quality of any cannabis product reflects poorly on the entire industry. Our goal is to continue to proudly sell a safe product that we stand behind and use ourselves.

September 30th
LeafWerx Customers and Valued Partners –
We wanted to take the opportunity to reach out following Governor Inslee’s announcement. It’s important to us that you know who we are and what makes our products different.

LeafWerx was founded by a group of friends with a vision to deliver the best product by controlling every part of our supply chain. We built our business from the ground up, one plant and one customer at a time. The founding team still owns and operates the business. And we have never strayed from our vision.

The products we sell are made from the plants we grow…Ourselves. Everything you buy is single source, from our farm. We can stand behind the quality of our product and its purity because we know everything that goes into it. That means we select the strains. We build the soil. Optimize the conditions for our plants to thrive. Use the power of the sun to cultivate vibrant, healthy plants. And, at the end of all that hard work, we harvest some of the choicest sun-grown flower in the world. Learn more at sungrown.com.

We use industry leading extraction technology, in super clean lab conditions, to capture the best of the plant in every cartridge we sell. That means the essence of the plant comes through with more terpenes and delivers a pure, natural cannabis experience. Never any additives. Never any adulteration. Only one ingredient: the cannabis we grow. We use nothing but the plant, because that is what we believe in and what our customers expect.

We use AVD hardware because it’s the best. We know the AVD team well and have partnered with them to develop hardware tuned to the extracts we sell. Through this close partnership, we have come to know very well how they operate and what goes into their carts. They have management onsite at their factory 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure quality and cleanliness are never compromised. They source and inspect every raw material component from customized ceramic cores to boro-silicate glass. Their procedures ensure clean factory lines, dedicated tooling, and that every production batch is tested for contamination and defects at every stage of the hardware supply chain. Learn more at avd710.com.

In closing, here is a list of our ingredients: cannabis (grown, extracted, filled and delivered by us).

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to reach out over email or by phone. We are happy to provide more information about our products or practices.

With love and respect,
LeafWerx Team


Mfused has been an innovator of vapes in the Washington cannabis industry since 2014. We have improved our process several times of the year, always holding our products to the highest industry standards.

Never have we and never will we add cutting agents or fillers (like Vitamin E acetate, squalene, triethyl citrate, or mineral oil) to any of our products.
In addition, MFUSED is a fully compliant brand, which means our products pass all state required tests and are only sold in state licensed dispensaries.

We advise that all cannabis consumers only to purchase products from licensed stores and from trusted brands that do not use any cutting agents in their products.

With that being said, we appreciate your continued support and look forward to providing clean, consistent cartridges for years to come.
-Mfused Labs

Pax Vapor

At PAX, safety is our top priority. For more than a decade, we’ve designed and built products that are safe for enjoyment by our friends and families. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and integrity in the industry, and pride ourselves on our reputation of quality.

We wanted to address the recent lung illnesses attributed to illicit vape products. We are extremely saddened by these events and are deeply concerned about the health of those affected.

No PAX products have been involved in any of these cases. While the cause is yet to be determined, none of the brand partners who fill and distribute our pods use Vitamin E acetate in PAX formulations, and all pods are subject to rigorous state regulatory compliance and testing. We select our partners with careful diligence and are continuously working in tandem with them to ensure the best product quality.

Please do not purchase cannabis products from unlicensed retailers under any circumstances.

We are so grateful to all of you who are living the #PAXlife, and thank you for your continued support as we work to establish cannabis as a force for good.

Pearl Extracts

September 6th, 2019
The recent health events due to vaping is extremely concerning and we are anxious for the opportunity to educate retailers and consumers on the purity of our cannabis vapor cartridges.

Pearl Extracts is pure cannabis oil made in small batches in West Seattle. The only ingredients are cannabinoids and terpenes which we extract in-house from cannabis grown in Washington State. We will NEVER use vitamin E, cutting agents, glycol, glycerine, coconut oil ANY additives whatsoever. It’s just cannabis.

We flavor our product with terpenes that we extract from the cannabis plant. Nearly 95% of modern cannabis cartridges contain synthetic flavoring or natural aka “food-grade” terpenes isolated from non-cannabis plants in a laboratory. It is unknown how synthetic flavoring and isolated plant terpenes can affect the user. However humans have been inhaling the broad spectrum of terpenes contained in the cannabis plant for hundreds of years.

We care about the health of consumers and we only use cannabis that is good for humans and good for the earth. We use the product and take pride in it’s purity. You can see our promise on the front of every box: just cannabis.

Please share this with colleagues and if you have questions please reach out at [email protected]

Puffin Farm

What we know
As you have all probably heard, there has been a sudden appearance of vaping related illnesses and several deaths. Some of these appear to be related to vapor devices that contain THC. Public Health officials are investigating and believe the issue is being caused by additives used to dilute or alter the oil. We would like our customers to know that we have never used ANY additives including cutting agents, glycols (PG), MCT, flavors, non-cannabis terpenes or Vitamin E acetate in our vapor cartridges. All of our vapes are made from 100% cannabis. We are third party certified by Clean Green Certified™ to organic equivalent standards for both our production and processing. Additionally, we source our cartridges from AVD who tests all their components for heavy metals. We have always believed that cannabis should be unadulterated by additives and contaminants of any kind. We know this news is very scary, and it emphasizes the importance of sourcing clean, tested and 100% additive free cannabis products.

Health officials say these illnesses are a new phenomenon, pointing to the likelihood of a new additive that was not previously used. Officials now believe based on lab testing that vitamin E acetate is a likely culprit as they have found it in many samples associated with illness, although they have not ruled out other possible additives or contaminants at this point. We have learned that vitamin E acetate was recently introduced to the marketplace as “Clearcut” and “Honeycut” and are used to dilute oil, while acting as a preservative, improving clarity and maintaining a desirable thickness that makes the cutting agent undetectable by the consumer (prior cutting agents made the oil watery and gave away the fact the the oil was not pure). Leafly just published this article discussing the cutting agents that contain Vitamin E acetate. These agents appear to have been introduced in the last 6 months to the illegal market and possibly in some regulated products as well, which correlates with the recent outbreak of cases. We believe this is an unethical practice. Rest assured we would never consider using anything like this or any other additives in our products.

Puffin Farm Best Practices
100% additive free and Clean Green Certified™ Puffin Farm takes consumer safety and sustainable organic practices very seriously. Our farm and processing are Clean Green Certified™ which means that we do not use synthetic chemicals or additives of any kind in the creation of our products from soil to oil. Our clean practices encompass soil stewardship, non-toxic processing, extraction and recipe formulation. Additionally all of our products are tested for pesticides. Our EVFO™ vapor carts are made from hash oil extracted using only carbon dioxide. After extraction residual water is removed and it is put straight into carts without adding any non-cannabis derived additives, flavors, thickening, thinning, cutting or viscosity agents. Our Vital Roots™ Distillate carts are made from our own pesticide tested distillate made from Clean Green Certified™ plant material. It is then blended with our EVFO™ using no non-cannabis derived additives, flavors, thickening, thinning, cutting or viscosity agents.

Topshelf WA

Top Shelf has been closely monitoring the vaping situation in the news.Please rest assured:
We NEVER use Fillers or Cuts or. Vitamin E Acetate. We use 100% distillate with added food grade terpenes, thats it, no surprises. Our cartridges are all natural and 100% pure.Our stance on fillers have been the same from the beginning. We don’t use fillers or cuts in our cartridges. We NEVER have and we NEVER will. We believe in using high quality ingredients that are all FDA approved. We test our products with Confidence Analytics and include results with every delivery.Our products pass testing for:
1. Microbial’s
2. Residual Solvents
3. Pesticides
4. Heavy Metals
5. Terpene Analysis

Refine / Xtracted Laboratories

Both State and Federal health officials researching recent illnesses linked to vaping have found the same chemical in products of those sickened (see Washington Post). The chemical found in those products is derived from vitamin E, and is known as “Vitamin E acetate.”

Accordingly, we at Xtracted Laboratories would like to affirm to our valued consumers that Refine and NW Concentrate vape cartridges, One Times, and Tankers products do not now nor have they ever contained Vitamin E acetate.

Please email [email protected] with any questions.

Below are CoA’s from a sample of hemp-derived cartridges from Uncle Ike’s Glass & Goods. All 3 cartridges passed with no Vitamin E Acetate.