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December 1, 2020

All of us at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop are deeply concerned by the ongoing senseless loss of life at the hands of police, and we’re sensitive to the systemic disparities of marginalized communities in Seattle. We fully understand the passion and message behind the protests, and we’re alarmed by the unwarranted, and vicious threats against our own employees by some of these activists. This course of action is harmful, misguided – and dangerous.

The egregious attacks inflicted on Uncle Ike’s innocent employees must stop. Over the last 180 days, employees have been verbally and physically assaulted, spit on, followed home, and the family members of our employees – including children – have been put in harm’s way. The continued harassment, bullying, vandalism, and defamation of Uncle Ike’s is unacceptable.

False narratives are the driving force behind these aggressions. Ian Eisenberg, co-owner of Uncle Ike’s, is wrongly accused of racism, sex trafficking, predatory development, Israeli military service, and more. The list of absurd accusations goes on and on. No facts or evidence exist to connect Eisenberg to any of these claims.

Most concerning to Mr. Eisenberg is the idea that he is in any way racist or has a lack of appreciation for the neighborhood and Seattle’s heritage. Mr. Eisenberg’s family has lived in the Central District for 114 years and he feels honored to be in business in the place he has always called home. Everyone at Uncle Ike’s understands the fabric of our vibrant community is woven by the Black and Brown hands that create culture, context, and validity to a city that historically stands up for what it believes in. Uncle Ike’s has always been, and will always be, an inclusive and diverse environment. Just walk through our doors and it will be clear this is the case. Our current workforce is 18 percent Black, 44 percent people of color, and 40 percent women.

“As our nation walks into 2021, we will be in a unique situation for healing the damaged fabric of our nation,” Eisenberg explained. “As a community, it is necessary to start working together, despite different viewpoints. Healing begins when people are open to conversation and communication.”

Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop officially supports the HB 2870 bill that passed this spring. The journey for social equity within the cannabis industry, and our community at large, is one we must take together. Through authentic conversation and thoughtful consideration, we hope those responsible for this ongoing harassment will end these destructive and unproductive actions, so we may come together with unified clarity to tackle the important work ahead of us.

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