Bacon’s Buds – Mimosa
First Impressions

Bacon’s Buds always provides decent information on their packages. The only thing missing is a terpene profile, which I can totally live without if I get everything else. I also like that they participate in a jar recycling program. You may end up with a funky sized jar, but at least it’s better for the environment!


As soon as I opened this, I knew it was going to be great. This eighth was filled with smallish buds that were super dense and covered in kief. After breaking this down, I was able to see more purple hues from the Purple Punch genetics.


This Mimosa is SUPER smooth and full of citrus flavor. It gives the slightest body relaxation combined with a happy, creative and spacey head high. I feel like I could smoke in any setting, it really helped alleviate my anxiety without impairing me. This pheno of Mimosa feels like it takes more from the Clementine genetics, which I absolutely love!


Mimosa by Bacon’s Buds is my absolute favorite flower on the market right now. Hands down. Every time I see it on the menu, I have to buy some. Even if I don’t need more weed, I’ll still buy some just because it tends to sell out so fast. If you see it on the menu, GET SOME!! Even if it’s just a gram!