Trail Blazin' Productions - Strawberry Cough
Trail Blazin’ Productions – Strawberry Cough
First Impressions

LOVE the packaging for eighths and up. Great glass jar. Clearly states all the info required. Has pictures of strawberry drawings on the front, tells consumer it is hand-trimmed and pesticide-free, and states that the effects will be “Merry, Berry, and Imaginary.” The back really gets to the nitty gritty, with a terpene profile; genetic info; and THC, CBD, and CBG totals.


I noticed right away all the dense and bright red hairs. Gorgeous florescent green with a ton of crystals and red. Super berry in taste. I was pleasantly surprised. I broke it down into a swisher sweet cream blunt and the pairing was PERFECT. It tasted like strawberry ice cream. Definitely recommend the two together if you're into smoking blunts.


Supper happy high. I was giggly happy and all my stress evaporated. I giggled up into bed with some munchies and put-on Netflix. Was a super creative Sativa high, but relaxing enough to enjoy a movie.


This definitely is one of the better growers of Strawberry Cough that I have seen recently. I am a true Indica fan and don’t mess with sativa too much, but every time I see Strawberry Cough I indulge. It's one of the few Sativas I can mess with, as it doesn't create any panic/anxiety issues. Just a nice goofy, relaxing, happy high. With that being said, Trail Blazin’ really hit it out of the ballpark with this one. Great packaging with the needed details, beautiful buds in color and trim, mouthwatering flavor. And, a great day high to get an upbeat feeling. I would recommend to all sativa lovers!