Seattle's Private Reserve - Lemonder
Seattle’s Private Reserve – Lemonder 2-Pack

The packaging is a little deceiving as it looks like there should be more joints in the box. The boxes are color coded but there isn’t much information outside of Indica/Sativa. The boxes do a good enough job of protecting the joints but the airflow will cause them to dry out over time and they take up more space then they should on the shelf.


The joints are rolled well and didn’t need any extra love before lighting. The aroma is a strong even before lighting it, the dry pull tasted like a lemon drop. Very impressed.


Amazingly flavorful and smooth. The high was heady immediately but morphed into a relaxing body buzz after a bit. This one certainly hits both sides of the fence with a bit more cerebral stimulation.


Disclaimer: This is one of my favorite strains of all time. I have smoked several ounces of it in my life. I recommend this strain for anyone looking for a flavorful Sativa hybrid. And at $10 for the 2-pack these things are priced to sell. SPR has consistently been one of my favorite growers in 502 if you haven’t tried it get it while it’s in!
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