Stony Mountain - Root Beer
Stony Mountain – Root Beer
First Impressions

This root beer came in a glass bottle with a measuring cup on top. The outside label had a cute mountain/outdoors theme (That’s why I chose this flavor to take camping!). There was some good information listed on the main label, but there is a lot more under the measuring cap. The brown striped area is just a piece of paper that slides out. The measuring cup also has some fun sayings on the side for measuring.


The soda itself is kind of cloudy, so you’ll need to tip it from side to side to mix it together. There is no need to shake aggressively, especially because it’s carbonated! The soda smelled just like root beer should.


I split this soda three ways, so I got approximately 33mgs of THC in my serving. I felt effects within 30-40 minutes, which was faster than a standard edible. I felt my body relax and my eyes became slightly heavy. Unfortunately, I think my tolerance stopped me from feeling anything more than that. I ended up smoking in combination with this after an hour or so, but take that with a grain of salt if you're not a regular cannabis user.


This was an awesome edible option! I’ll definitely try this with a higher dosage next time. If you’re looking for a potent edible option, this is for you!