Ayra - Pink Pineapple Express
Ayra – Pink Pineapple Express
First Impressions

Ayra (air-aah) always uses small-to-medium-sized glass jars with a simple and sleek label that feel very high-end. The strain name is clearly listed on the front, but unfortunately there is nothing on the packaging about genetics, phenotype, or effects. Ayra produces a lot of unique strains, which is awesome, except when you don’t know what you’re purchasing.


Talk about some gorgeous flower! The buds were big and covered in crystals. As I was breaking this down, my nose was filled with a skunky/citrus/pine aroma. This left my fingers covered in kief!


After just a few hits, Pink Pineapple Express put my mind at ease and left my eyes slightly heavy, but also gave me some much-needed motivation. Then, about 15 minutes later, a pulsing body buzz set in that was unlike anything I’ve felt before! Turned out to be an awesome after work smoke!!


This was an awesome product, especially for the price! Ayra produces some unique strains that can’t be found by any other producer. I’ve had the opportunity to take a tour of their grow operation and I can see why! Their flower is grown using aeroponics, meaning the roots are grown in the air (not soil), and sprayed with nutrients throughout the day. Check out ayraSODO.com if you're curious.