Exotikz – Mimosa #26
First Impressions

Exotikz uses a psychedelic hanging bag to package their flower. This is extremely eye catching without being busy or cluttered. Unfortunately, Exotikz leaves off a lot of important information from their packaging: phenotype, lineage, terpenes, effects, etc.


Mimosa #26 has a very distinct scent... It smells like a freaking Mimosa! As soon as I opened the bag, my nose was filled with a potent champagne/citrus aroma that is unlike any other. The bud itself had bright green and purple leaves with dark orange pistils, and was covered in crystals.


Mimosa #26 also makes me feel like I’ve been drinking some mimosas! My body was instantly relaxed, as if I had had a drink or two. My mind was filled with positivity, happiness, and euphoria. The only thing that I don’t love about this strain is the come down. I feel like it makes me really tired.


Mimosa has become one of my favorite strains, however, Mimosa #26 is not my favorite phenotype. I feel like Mimosa #26 pulls more from the Purple Punch genetics, where some of the others on the market pull more from the Clementine genetics. Exotikz puts out some of the most expensive flower we sell, but this Mimosa is straight fire! It’s not going to be in everyone’s price point (honestly, it’s not really in MY price point) but I do feel like it’s worth a try, at least once.