NWCS – Papaya Dosidos
First Impressions
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NWCS Packaging is bulky and in the way. I wish they stuck to the bags, personally. Also pheno information and info about the strain is appreciated across all price ranges.


Not too much of a smell on this flower. Gorgeous to look at though, bright green and covered in sparkles and orange hairs. Even some bits of purple. It’s popcorn nugs so theyre smaller but they weren’t dry like some other strains I’ve had from this brand.


Hit this out of the bong while watching 90 Day Fiancée with my roomie. The smoke tasted sweet. I’m assuming that was the papaya aspect of the strain coming across. After about five minutes it felt like a fuzzy mask was over my entire face and I was locked in to the mess that was on tv. About 30 minutes later, I noticed myself leaning sideways in my chair and completely stoney baloney. Another bowl of this and I was ready for bed. Great high.


Really nice smoke. I’d pick this up if you can catch it before it’s gone. This is good for chilling at home watching movies with friends and passing out after a few hours. Way to shake things up a bit NWCS.