Uncle Ike’s and Fairwinds Manufacturing
Seattle, Washington
June 30, 2016

Medical Marijuana as we have known it has come to an end.  Even though the state of Washington may not have gotten it right, Uncle Ike’s has been committed to carrying “medical-comparable” products at a reasonable price without the need for State Registration.

Beginning tomorrow, July 1, 2016, current medical dispensaries are closing.  The Department of Health announced that the registered database is not yet available and patients will be left without the means of obtaining their medicine.  Also, patients entering into the new Washington State Medical Marijuana Registry will be able to defer only the current sales tax of 9.5% without a reduction of the 37% excise tax.  Uncle Ike’s finds this to be unacceptable and is prepared to offer a real and affordable solution beginning immediately.

Uncle Ike’s, in combination with Fairwinds Manufacturing, is initiating a cheaper and completely discreet option for those that need it.  Any customer will be extended an additional 15% off of the entire Fairwinds Wellness Product Line.

CBD Tintures:CBD Tincture from Fairwinds

Made with 100% purified coconut oil and cannabis oil extracted from Fairwinds own indoor grown flower.  No alcohol, glycerin, sugars or preservatives provide a clean, healthy and effective product that can be consumed sublingually or added to food and beverages. Food-grade natural essential oils without use of any synthetic ingredients give the tincture a clean mild taste.

10:1 CBD: THC ratio: 182mg CBD / 18mg THC per bottle

CBD-CapsulesCBD Capsules:

Cellular enhancement and detoxification.  Supports healthy immune function.  – CBD is a powerful and miraculous substance.  The Rejuvenate Capsules maximize the effects of CBD through herbal synergy, harnessing the entourage effect that gives cannabis its power and variation effects from strain to strain.  Different mixtures of cannabinoids produce different effects in cannabis depending on the type of cannabis.   The Rejuvenate Capsule blend used is a high CBD cannabis oil with an indica strain (THC dominant,) to make standard THC/CBD ratios of 10:1 and 1:1.  This blended oil is then infused with potent herbal detoxifiers and neuroprotectants, thereby enhancing the function of CBD allowing it to absorb better, perform better, and have longer lasting effects in the body.

FLOW CBD Deep Tissue and Joint GelFLOW CBD Deep Tissue and Joint Gel:

An effective blend of botanical extracts and cannabis in a fast penetrating gel base.  Research indicates that it may deliver cannabidiol into an effected area within 5 minutes, as opposed to 40 min as seen with conventional oil or water-based topicals, providing a very broad range of capabilities.  FLOW is a light amber color non-greasy, quick to absorb topical that has a very pleasant, yet not overpowering aroma.  A little FLOW goes a long way.  Each jar contains 146mg of CBD and 4mg of THC.

CBD Vape Pends from FairwindsCBD Vapes:

These CBD vape oils are breakthrough quality, producing smooth flavorful vapor with no harsh burn taste combined with all the effects of CBD.  In 10:1 non-psychoactive and 1:1 mild-psychoactivity, choose the CBD cartridge that works for you and use both together at times to truly tune the effect.  Engineered ratio oil provides consistent and reliable dosing each and every purchase

  • CBD to THC ratio blends (30:1, 15:1, 10:1 & 1:1)
  • Strain Specific CBD cartridges

1/2g and 1g

Please stop in today to learn more about the additional products to be offered in Fairwinds’ Wellness Line, visit www.fairwindscannabis.com.