You’d think, at this late date, that the possibilities of herb grinders, innovation-wise, had been pretty much exhausted. I mean, how fancy can you get: these devices grind weed into usable form, getting it ready for your pipe, bong, papers, or vaporizer. But never underestimate the power of human ingenuity, Grasshopper, I mean Grass-smoker… and behold the Dreamer.

The Dreamer is billed as “the world’s first Grinder that stores, shreds, mixes and dispenses different herbs — in one device.” Its light weight and threadless design makes for a less messy, less sticky rolling process. That’s right, no threading whatsoever to get stripped — this thing is held together by magnets. This makes it almost effortless to twist, making it ideal for folks who suffer from conditions that limit their dexterity and hand strength.

Dreamer GrinderI first looked at this handy little device with a healthy dose of skepticism. But within minutes of taking then thing out of the box, taking it apart and looking at it — along with some perusal of the online documentation — I was impressed.

There are no fewer than nine distinct, treadless parts to the Dreamer (Key, Stamp, Lid, Flower, Heart (upper and lower), Funnel, Cap, and Pipe), but don’t be intimidated; I have no particular mechanical aptitude, and things fit together intuitively (the magnets don’t hurt, either).

The Key is the top lid of the Dreamer; it holds the herb in the stash compartment. The Stamp pushes the herb inside the Heart, where it gets ground; the pistons on the top (the “Stamp”) of the grinder push the herb through into the Heart’s grinder blades, where the rotation mechanism shreds them.

The Dreamer: Grinder of Your DreamsThe Lid separates and seals different strains from each other. Each of the six Flower chambers holds enough herb for a single bowl; you’ll need about three chambers’ worth to roll what I’d consider a respectable joint. The Heart is made of a lower and upper aluminum blade, and it breaks up the material with minimal effort and enables the user to control the size of the shredded herbs.

The unique thing about the Dreamer is the Flower’s six chambers, each is billed with up to a one-gram capacity (although I don’t recommend using that much per chamber). Three chambers can function as grinder chambers, while the other three are sealed as storage chambers for unground herb. This allows you to store three chambers each of two different types of cannabis flowers.

The hardened aluminum knives which shred the herb make up the Heart of the Dreamer; from there the shredded herb falls into the Funnel, which can be used to place the material, without touching it, into your preferred consumption device. Alternatively, the conical Pipe can be used to load cones for those who prefer that method.

Before we leave the subject of the Pipe, it should be noted that it has a bonus feature: It can be used as a handy mouthpiece to smoke weed out of an apple, old-school style. Just dig the Pipe into the top of an apple, then dig another small hole through the side until both holes meet. You can then use the Pipe as a mouthpiece — voila!

The Funnel dispenses the ground herb; the transparency of the Funnel allows viewing of its contents. The measuring Cap seals the Dreamer, keeping the fingers clean while helping gauge consumption.

Since the Dreamer comes apart into pieces, it’s relatively easy to clean the gunk off, including both the lower and upper aluminum blades of the Heart, where most of the sticky stuff tends to accumulate.

The Dreamer grinder is available at Uncle Ike’s Glass & Goods.