Do you enjoy euphoria? Then you’ll like The Clear.

If you like cannabis concentrates and you’ve not yet tried this one, you really owe it to yourself. In fact, if you enjoy cannabis, period, you should try this ultra-purified form of hash oil. The Clear is extracted by a combination of heat and pressure, so solvents aren’t involved in the process at all, removing the principal drawback of BHO (butane hash oil).

It’s “the Future of Cannabis”, according to its makers and many of its adherents, and after a couple hits you are certainly ready to entertain that notion.

The Clear is a 100 percent solvent-free, translucently golden oil, up to 96 percent THC. Even better, it’s already activated, so it’s also effective in oral and transdermal applications, unlike most BHO. (It’s also available in raw, unactivated form for those who prefer it that way.)

The first thing you’ll notice about The Clear is is beautiful golden appearance; it doesn’t look like any other concentrate on the market, and its gooey texture is one of a kind, too. It has the appearance and consistency of honey — if the name “honey oil” weren’t already taken, this would probably be called that. It sticks to everything it touches, so be aware of this.

The Clear looks a lot different than any form of BHO; it doesn’t resemble honeycomb, earwax, budder or shatter. It has a slightly runny consistency due to the presence of terpenes, according to Clear Concentrates. While terpenes are lost in the processing, they are reintroduced later.

The effects of The Clear are immediate, upon taking a toke; you can expect to feel quite high for around 45 minutes from a couple tokes, followed by a pleasant lassitude. (The particular strain I tested was Blue Raz.)

So what is the advantage of The Clear? Well, with just one or two hits, you can get thoroughly high with very little fuss; it’s as if you’ve condensed an entire joint or bowl into a toke or two. The Clear also is easier on your lungs than is BHO; it is sweet and rich and powerful, but never sharp or harsh, and the flavors linger pleasurably after inhalation.

The Clear from X-Tracted Laboratories is suitable for dabbing, vape pens, oral consumption as an edible oil, or topical application on the skin. It’s lab-tested, solvent-free, mold-free, and adulterant free, and the gram I had was an amazing 97.8 percent cannabinoids, with 90 percent THC.

Look for The Clear at Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop! It’s available in vape pen cartridges, as well as grams suitable for dabbing.