Introducing THC infused spicy cheddar crackers. The perfect discreet treat!

Enjoying some fine Washington scenery? Add a couple of American Baked Co.’s Spicy Cheddar Crackers, and you’ll be rolling like Socrates in no time! You’ll philosophize over the sharp cheddar cheese, and lots of it, with a kick of spicy Aleppo pepper. Add a kiss of cannabis, and that’s it. This is an unbelievably delicious way to enjoy eating marijuana.

American Baked Co. makes their crackers at a lower dose. Each cracker contains 5 mg THC so you can tune your experience to your liking. We suggest 1 cracker to start, 2 or more for a more intense experience.

Pack of 4 Crackers – Only $12


American Baked Co. creates innovative marijuana infused products. We are based in Seattle Washington, our products are sold in recreational marijuana stores. Our snacks contain pure simple ingredients with names you can pronounce, except maybe tetra hydro cannabinol. Local Washington butter, fine Belgian chocolate, and Italian Parmesan blend into delicious snacks developed to contain marijuana, so they don’t taste like a mistake. Baked to higher standards, we want you to enjoy your treats, so we always lab test our products to ensure consistent dosing. Our products contain easy to understand dosing information, and our low dose lets you control your intake, enjoy the ride.

Remember to always keep marijuana edibles away from kids, pets, and unsuspecting grandmas.