The first pleasant surprise I got with the Magic Flight Launch Box was the fact that I got a very enjoyable head high after just two tokes. The subtlety of the MFSB’s vapor, especially when compared to a powerhouse like, say, the Volcano, might lead you to believe it won’t get you quickly, decidedly stoned. It doesn’t take long to dispel that misapprehension.

The second thing I noticed was also directly related to the delicacy of the vapor produced: Weed tastes delicious in this thing. While the very adjustability of a unit like the Volcano can lead to too-high vaping temps, the Launch Box has a pre-set temperature level which is well-set to enjoy the terpenes in your weed. That’s a very good thing, as recent research has shown the terpenes help to accentuate the high; it’s actually comparable to a very pleasant form of aromatherapy.

And that leads me to the third realization I had with the MFSB: You can stretch your weed a long way with it! Just a couple pinches of weed in the Launch Box is enough to get high several times; not only does it help keep you from vaping your weed at too high a temperature — it also helps avoid the temptation to over-consume.

magic-flight-vaporizer-mapleThe Launch Box is a masterpiece of simplicity in design; it fits easily in the palm of your hand, and is thus ultimately portable and quite discreet. One uses the Box by pressing an included battery, which makes an internal light come on in the device, shortly followed by some delicious vapor. While a handy glass stem is included with the Flight Box, it’s optional; the unit can be used in “Native Mode” by drawing directly from the draw hole, and I actually preferred this method after having tried the Box with and without the stem.

Fewer, longer and deeper draws on the Flight Box, filling the lungs completely and thoroughly in one draw, is more powerful and effective than taking the same volume of vapor in multiple smaller draws. Once you’ve become accustomed to the Box, you might find yourself taking long, slow draws of 10 to 15 seconds. Experienced users also often use the “sipping” method, taking one-second sips 5-10 times in a row, until lung capacity is reached.

“Remember: The slower the kiss, the hotter the Box,” we learn in a very helpful “Flight Guide,” included with the unit.

When the battery is “engaged,” i.e., pushed in, current travels across the screen, causing it to rapidly heat up. The hot screen heats up the herbal material in contact with it through conduction, and also through infrared heating, which, according to the manufacturer, is responsible for at least 25% of the heating.

It really helps to “turn, tumble and tap” the loaded Flight Box for more even vaporization. And once the weed has been vaporized — it’ll turn a brownish color, and start tasting like popcorn — you can save the stuff and cook it into edibles, or take it in capsules. It still has useful, healthy cannabinoids in it. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

I’ve noticed that when I mention the Magic Flight Launch Box to a group of weed-loving friends, those who own one are very loyal and recommend it highly. Now I know why!

The Magic Flight Launch Box is available at Uncle Ike’s Glass & Goods, complete with rechargeable AAA batteries and wall charger, for $130 to $140.