Finally, Seattle has a second pot store.

Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop, in the Central District, opened its doors to a steady stream of customers Tuesday, nearly three months after the first state-licensed pot stores launched.

The opening at 23rd Avenue and East Union Street drew customers of all types, including neighbors and tourists, nurses and rock musicians. “It’s the full gamut,” said Ian Eisenberg, Uncle Ike’s owner. “What we were hoping for.”

Uncle Ike’s first customer, Ryan Elbrecht, who recently moved to Seattle from Florida, had been waiting since 9 p.m. for the store to open. He bought a single gram of Snoop’s Dream, but didn’t seem particularly interested in his purchase.

“I haven’t smoked weed in a year,” Elbrecht said. “I don’t even like weed that much.”

Monday night, he explained, he’d been drinking with a childhood friend at a nearby bar, The Neighbor Lady. His friend bet him $1,000 to be the first person in line at Uncle Ike’s.

Although he slept outside the Uncle Ike’s door, Elbrecht said he’d let his friend’s drunken bet slide and take a couple months of free rent instead.

Third in line, Kay Hendon, or “Crazy Kay,” as her linemates called her, danced and sang her way into the store, hamming for TV cameras. “Welcome to the CD,” she announced after buying some kush, referring to her longtime neighborhood the Central District. “Everybody’s got to get high,” she shouted to the line outside as she made her exit.

About 25 people waited in line at Uncle Ike’s, a fraction of what Cannabis City, Seattle’s first pot store, drew when it opened on July 8. Eisenberg said that was just fine with him.


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