Shannon Seth’s Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle gets great ratings on and other travel sites, for what that’s worth. The important thing about the place is that they are cannabis-friendly.

Marijuana tourists take note – the Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle has a history. It was built in 1902. Seattle’s a new town – that’s practically ancient times for us. By 1905, for example, Seattle had only 19 apartment buildings.

Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle

Shannon told me the design of the B & B – at 1808 Denny on Capitol Hill – is called an American foursquare. It’s been remodeled several times, most recently in 2014. “The foursquare’s creation is credited to Frank Lloyd Wright and is a unique design that was popular a the turn of the century. Features of these homes is typically include a rectangular foot print with a covered porch and pillars that span the entire width of the front of the home. Porches with decorative railings adorn the tops of the covered porches to take advantage of views or secluded gardens. Capitol Hill is home to many of these homes and often get mistaken for a more feminine Victorian style.”

New to Seattle? The views here will astound you. The Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle has a balcony that faces Mount Rainier and you can see Lake Washington, Bellevue and the Cascade Mountain Range from the balcony rooms.

Fine, so where can we recreate? I mean smoke? Shannon told me you can smoke marijuana on the balcony, porch and top roof deck. Vaping is allowed indoors – for those cozy, rainy Seattle winter nights, when the temperature goes down to a bone-chilling (for Seattleites) 49 degrees or so.

The B & B Inn is a perfectly charming place, smack in the middle of the most densely populated zip code in our State, yet tucked away in a peaceful spot. The place is gonna be booked no matter what – so why the cannabis?

“In 2005 when I purchased the property, a relationship with the Seattle Cancer and Wellness Center was established and we began providing their patients accommodations on a sliding scale. Many patients commuted from areas that expanded as far as Montana to the east and Northern California to the south. Many of these patients were coming to the Wellness Center as a last hope in finding a cure for their illness. Many of these patients were sick and frail from cancer and from the treatments they had received prior to arriving here to Seattle for care. I witnessed first hand how ingesting cannabis allowed some of their extremely sick patients to eat and or to hold down the medications they were prescribed. Although I do not have any reason to believe that the center encouraged cannabis consumption, I looked the other way for many years recognizing that medically there was a necessity. It was a real privilege and gift to get to know so many beautiful people who were fighting for their lives. They shared valuable and humbling wisdom about life and how short it really is.”

Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle
The View from Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle

Wow. That is kind of stunning. Genuine medical cannabis street credibility here. Long before the entire State of Washington could recreate, a small group of lucky people with serious illnesses were able to medicate, and Shannon played a part in helping those folks.

Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle has a “relationship” with Kush Tourism – a marijuana tourism company that visits grow-ops – and sends guests their way.

And of course: “We refer all of our recreational cannabis guests to Uncle Ike’s. I have known Ian’s (owner of Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop) family for over 30 years having grown up on the same street as Ian’s Father and younger siblings.”

And the story before Ike’s, before I-502 passed? Were you able to refer patients anywhere then? “At that point our medical patients were referred to Apothecary which was closed a couple of years ago. Twenty five years ago I roomed in a house on Oahu with Cass Stewart who opened Apothecary, Capitol Hill’s first medical dispensary. Although I am not in the business of selling cannabis, my roots run deep with those who do. I am also close with a grower processor and am hoping to work with them to develop an edibles line in the near future.”

Shannon makes my job easy. A bit about houses, then some stunners! Cannabis authenticity galore! If I were a TV producer doing a segment on Seattle marijuana the Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle is where I would book my crew.

Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle

I asked Shannon if she ever had “bad stoner guests,” whatever that means. “We have never had to speak to any of our guests about inappropriate behavior when it comes to cannabis. Our guests are usually professionals who are already the type of individual who is considerate of others at least in a B & B setting. We have no written policies in regards to cannabis consumption. So far it has not been necessary.”

One drug that some people can’t handle is booze. Yup. “Excessive alcoholic consumption has been the only reason we have ever had to ask a guest to leave, and there have been at least one a year.”

The inevitable Willie Nelson question: has Willie stayed at the Bed & Breakfast Inn Seattle? “No, we have not hosted Willie Nelson, but we have had several well known individuals, some of which are repeat guests. The reason they stay in a small boutique lodging setting is to avoid strangers bothering them while they are just trying to be normal like the rest of us. We are very discreet about our guest list.”