Jenny Rice is an accomplished and well-loved San Juan islander who is also a veteran horse rider, breeder, and owner of Fieldstone Farms. Her 76+ acre property has changed many farming hands before becoming home to herself and her horses for the last several years.

But this year was different – in a brave effort to succeed, she ventured into the horse industry alone with family support and the possibility of leasing a one-acre parcel of her land to her brother, a legal recreational cannabis grower.

Fast forward past many long and hard days to 6 months later, and the grower is forced to shut down. The challenge of gaining ground in a new industry with tight regulations, combined with direct and relentless opposition from those who oppose cannabis agriculture, and lawsuits over the right to use their road for farming… have deemed the political, legal, and financial hurdles insurmountable for San Juan Sungrown, which went to great lengths to become a steward of sustainable agricultural practices.

Today, Jenny faces the loss of her farm program because her neighbors are pursuing their claims even after the grower – their main target of concern – has withdrawn… going so far as to demand a share of what they call “unjust enrichment,” and seeking to restrict the only road access for her land to “residential-use only,” despite the fact that it has been farmed without incident for decades.

Jenny’s situation is dire – she cannot afford legal counsel, much less the value of the claims being made against her by neighbors. If these claims are rewarded, it could be the final blow to her farm, and all the love that grows there. The lawsuit is jointly filed by the three neighbors who share the use of Fieldstone Rd who seek to be rewarded with the following:

  • Permanently enjoining Jenny Rice and Fieldstone Farms from the continuance of using the road for farming businesses and restricting her easement to “Residential-Use Only.”
  • Trespassing (using Fieldstone Rd and utilities for non-residential use).
  • Damages
  • Unjust Enrichment (using Fieldstone Rd unjustly for their own enrichment and therefor owe the Plaintiffs part of the proceeds).

Please note: Fieldstone Rd is the ONLY road access to the 76+ acres of established farmland owned by Jenny Rice and Fieldstone Farms. This land has been in the San Juan County Farm & Agricultural program since 1974. Once part of 180 acres owned by the Estate of Gwendolyn Wilson, it was during the division and sale of the land before Gwendolyn’s passing that the main access from Mitchell Bay Rd, via Gwendolyn Wilson’s residence, was lost.

We love Jenny and her farm, and she has a dream of sharing it with people in kindness. She has a right to farm her land in peace.

Presently representing herself, she needs all manner of help. Please give what you can.

Thank you, dearly!

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