Definitely to be counted among the finer things in life is a cool, smooth bong rip. This potent blast of cannabis smoke isn’t just a dorm-room memory for many of us; it’s a convenient way to get quickly high. But as with most things, there’s a way to amp up the experience and take it to the next level. That’s where Eyce Molds come in.

Eye molds, you see, are an easy way to make ice bongs; you just fill the mold with water, set it in the freezer, and voila, a little while later, you have an ice bong. The Eyce kit comes complete with not just the silicon ice mold, but with a core pin, a stand, a mouthpiece, a grommet, and a down stem.

Once you follow the instructions and demonstrate your laudable patience — after the ice bong is frozen, you must take it out and wait an additional 45 or so minutes until the mold is removable from the ice — you’ll be ready for a cool smoking session. Well, almost. Eyce recommends that you put the bong back in for another 30-45 minutes after placing the grommet and down stem inside.

Eyce2Speaking of patience, respect the process of initially freezing the ice bong, which can’t be rushed; doing so can result in ice that is too thin, and thus too easily breakable. I actually recommend filling the mold near bedtime and leaving it in the freezer overnight; that way, it’s frozen nice and firm.

You’ll never have to worry about the inevitable drunk guy at your party with an Eyce ice bong (Eyce ice, baby) — in fact, you can shatter the damn thing just for fun, and freeze another one. Additionally, ice bongs can mean no more gross, stinky glass pieces around your place. And by purchasing additional accessories, you can even give yourself the ability to always have a fresh back-up pipe ready to go with no wait for freezing.

The proper way to hold the pipe is by the stand and the mouthpiece; properly used, you are never touching the ice itself. This keeps your body heat from melting the ice. The real trick is to put the bong back into the freezer between bowls. This can allow the pipe to last days, depending on use.

The metal down stem fits 9-mm bowl pieces (available online or at Uncle Ike’s Glass Shop).

You can add cold water to the inside of the ice bong, which measures about 13.2 inches high, if you prefer water-filtered smoke. Just remember, I said COLD water, as in VERY cold, because warm water can melt the bottom out of the bong and thus create a mess.

Eyce 2.0 bong molds are available at Uncle Ike’s Glass & Goods for $89.99.