Perfectly cured cannabis is a beautiful thing to see, touch, smell, and smoke. But as we all know, not all marijuana is perfectly cured. Some is so dry it crumbles to dust, and some is so moist it’s hard to smoke.

Now, I’ve been a bit of a glass snob, when it comes to both storing and smoking my cannabis. Glass is just so pure and clean; you don’t have to worry about anything leaching into your weed the way you do (or at least I do) with plastic.

But I just had an experience that has broadened my perspective when it comes to marijuana storage. I tried the stainless steel CVault, “The world’s smartest curing and storage container,” and now I’m a believer.

Now, the challenge facing anyone who wants to store their weed for more than a day or two is that the stuff tends to get too dry and crumbly without some sort of protection. This has often been accomplished through glass jars with rubber seals on the lids, but the drawback to this method is that if the weed is overly moist when you put it in there, the seal is going to hold all that moisture, and it’ll still be too moist when you get it back out to smoke. Sealing the moisture in can even cause mold problems.

But with the CVault, those beautiful flowers stay at the exact right moisture content: Not so dry as be powdery or crumbly, but not so moist as to be difficult to break up and smoke. The stainless steel makes CVault airtight (when the buckles are closed), lightweight, durable and — unlike glass — completely impenetrable to light.cn134lgextra_2

Parent company Freshstor did extensive testing on humidity control inside the container. They coordinated with Boveda/Humidipak, a company that has developed a patented technology that provides what is being promoted as “the world’s first two-way humidity control packet.” After months of trials, Freshstor concluded that the most effective humidity range for storing herb is between 58 percent and 64 percent humidity. And after a full year of additional testing, the CVault was released to the public.

FreshStor had Boveda/Humidipak develop a 62 percent Humidipak; each packet has a plus or minus humidity variance of just one percent. The Humidipak is inserted into a little shelf in the lid. The packs need replacement after 60 to 90 days. You’ll know the pack needs replacing when it feels solid rather than liquid when squeezed. The packs are reasonably priced, starting at just $1.25 for the small size.

Is a real pleasure every time I open my CVault and discover, once again, that my cannabis flowers are at the ideal humidity to enjoy.

CVault Curing and Storage Containers are available in “Personal” sizes of small (about $20); medium (about $22) and large (about $30); the medium easily holds about half an ounce of herb (you could probably pack in an ounce, but the manufacturer recommends that for maximum effectiveness, you don’t fill more than three-quarters full). They also come in “Commercial” sizes, ranging from two liter (about $46) to the Mega CVault with a 17-liter capacity (about $100).