Ken was born and raised on Michigan’s upper peninsula (yup – he’s a “yooper”). After college he moved to Montana – he was there to witness the short-lived Missoula Medical pot boom, before the authorities cracked down. He and his family arrived in Seattle last year.

Why is Ken customer of the month? “I think it’s that I’m pretty active looking at Uncle Ike’s Facebook page and commenting constructively. So they got to know me through that.”

As far as cannabis preferences go, he’s an indica guy. “It helps relax me and helps me sleep at night.”

“I like Monkeygrass Farms a lot. I try and come here to take advantage of Ike’s ten dollar deals on Mondays and Tuesdays. And I always also look on the menu too on the website before coming to shop.”

Stoner cliche alert? Ken enjoys disc golf. You could call it “Frisbee golf” but Frisbee is a registered trademark of the Wham-O toy company. The whole thing started with Frisbee Pies (in 1871!), the tins of which kids would toss around. Anyway, as far as outdoor sports that provide the perfect scenario for getting high, disc golf ranks right up there with regular golf, cross-country skiing and skydiving.

Ken is a stay at home dad right now taking care of his one year old daughter while his wife is at work. “I’ll be taking her to Alki Beach a lot this Summer.” He lives in West Seattle but considers the trip to Uncle Ike’s well worth it.

Does Ken have anything in common with a typical Seattle yoga pants-wearing “crack mom”? The type of person who runs in place waiting at red lights while pushing a $2500 designer baby stroller and talking on a cell phone? “I’m more like an alligator dad. If I’m gonna run it’s gonna be a spurt of about ten feet and then that’s that.”