The Results

A product is considered to have failed if it shows pesticides or heavy metals above the state’s action levels. While all products are not required to pass testing for pesticides and heavy metals before reaching store shelves, the state has set thresholds for pesticides and heavy metals. Products that wish to obtain Department of Health certification as “medically compliant” must not have any pesticides or heavy metals above these thresholds. We hold the products tested under Ike’s OK to the same standards. The standards are listed here:

Because cannabis hasn’t been studied extensively, we know very little about what pesticides are safe for use on it. As most cannabis products are inhaled, not eaten, much of the EPA’s existing research on pesticides doesn’t apply. These standards are intentionally very low because of that uncertainty.

In addition to pesticide and heavy metal testing, Ike’s OK is replicating the full suite of I-502 (and DOH MMJ) Quality Assurance tests when testing products. A failure on any test that is currently required is considered a failure. This includes microbial screens, moisture content and mycotoxins.



November Supplemental Testing Results:


Ionic’s Dutch Treat concentrate failed pesticide testing for myclobutanil. Myclobutanil, commonly known as Eagle 20, is a common fungicide. While it is safe for consumption, it breaks down into hydrogen cyanide when heated sufficiently, and thus poses a risk in any flower or concentrate product. Uncle Ike’s has pulled this product off shelves, and will be issuing refunds for it effective immediately. Products must come in original packaging and must be returned to the location they were purchased at.

November Testing Results:


This concentrate tested over the limit for Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO). PBO is a common adjutant for other insecticides, most commonly pyrethrins. For more information on this pesticide and the risks of exposure, please see the National Pesticide Information Center’s factsheet. Uncle Ike’s is issuing refunds for this product immediately. Products must come in original packaging and must be returned to the location they were purchased at. This recall is limited to Exotikz Mimosa #26 Sugar. As part of the Ike’s OK protocol, we are in the process of having other products from Exotikz tested and should have those results within a week. Should those tests indicate a need for additional recalls, those will be announced and executed promptly. For now, the recall is only on the Mimosa #26 sugar.

Sour Tsunami #3 by Sweetwater Farms is being recalled from Ike’s shelves this morning, 11-14-2018 for bile-tolerant gram negative bacteria. The product returned at a level of 160,000 CFU/g (colony-forming units per gram). The allowed level is 10,000 units. More information on gram negative bacteria can be found here:

November Vendor Statements: