Royal Tree Gardens of Tacoma produces Middlefork – a hybrid that comes in at a “you must be joking” 27.15% THC.

Middlefork was so strong that I was unable to write a review of it until the day after I smoked it. This is not for everyone – I’m an experienced user – been doin’ it daily since the 1970s. And after two puffs (I do it the old fashioned way: smoking) I was knocked out.

I was waiting outside while my granddaughter was taking a dance class. I had an hour so I took a walk around the block and had a couple puffs. I could barely find my way back to the car.

Then I look up and it turns out I’m parked right out front of “Cloneville.” A Seattle store that sells marijuana plants to medical patients. Weird and wonderful.

The two gram jar of Middlefork I purchased from Uncle Ike’s was nuggety – I like that. It blasted me in to another dimension. Maybe it’s because I’m an Indica guy. I could definitely detect the mindcrunch of a Sativa working here, especially in the first few minutes after smoking. I was actually paranoid for a bit there.

Middlefork’s fruitiness came out strong when I put it in the grinder. Ripe lingonberry in a field of Swedish maidens? A strawberry washed by the tears of Christ? Blueberries spilling out of basket knocked over by mischievous, drunken pixies? Oh that smell.

Middlefork smoked clean. Easy on the lungs, very little ash and an immediate high upon exhalation. There was a grassy note but a nice one – reminiscent of a field of wildflowers on a hot dry Summer day.

This was long lasting and heavy – I was still feeling it hours later. Touching all the bases (I hate sports metaphors, remind me to stop using them). A home run. A hole in one. Body and head high, feelings of hunger and euphoria and wonderment. All those sports and pot cliches rolled into one big explosion of way too much THC. I’m not a dabber. I don’t smoke joints anymore. I guess I’m a lightweight. Middlefork was too strong for me.

Royal Tree Gardens is also producing buds that, from the looks of their website, are as incredible as Middlefork. Black Cherry Soda, Dutch Treat (my fave strain!), a nice Indica called Orange Kush. I’m hoping to go down to Tacoma soon to pay them a visit.

Royal Tree Gardens
27.15% THC