Molly! She likes Japanese food – sushi and udon. She’s a millennial, for sure. I know that because I asked her what her favorite breakfast cereal was (a standard question hack journalists asked rock stars back in the 1980s) and although she knew what breakfast cereal was, she said she didn’t eat it. She likes to have a healthy breakfast of fruit and yogurt. Frosted Flakes can go to hell, apparently, if you are in the under 25 set.

Molly! She uses cannabis “occasionally.” Her favorite strain is Grandaddy Purple. She’s an indica person (like me). Relaxation, and coffee. She (like everyone at this moment, it seems) likes the pot from Phat Panda.

She’s a reader. A Northwest native – Tacoma! She loves animals. She has a cat.

Molly says she’s thought about a career in the cannabis industry. “Definitely.” Work her way up from budtender to – who knows? The sky’s the limit. Maybe Uncle Ike’s will open up a branch in Ohio and she can go be the manager. Maybe she could start her own edibles company.

Molly! Another reason why Seattle is so great.