Hunter is a kickass cannabiseur-slash-budtender at Ike’s. He’s a robust-looking and handsome young man – you can tell he works out. A local boy – from Mercer Island.

Hunter is using his income from Ike’s to help finance his college education – he’s studying marketing. On entering the cannabis business as a marketing person: “I’ve thought about it. Plenty of new businesses are being started that need marketing.” He’s keep all his options open, though. “If the business goes national, interstate – things could get fun.”

Hunter is learning a lot about marijuana. He says he’s seen some professional athletes at Ike’s, “shopping for their wives.” He likes the Golden Pineapple strain “very citrusy” and “anything from Phat Panda.”

What else? He’s a cheeseburger guy. He likes to try the different food trucks that park in front of Ike’s.

It’s Summer in Seattle. Life is good.