Andrew was a regular customer at Uncle Ike’s who wound up working there. He has experience growing medical marijuana in Northern California, where he grew up. He started as an apprentice to his friend’s Dad, a grower, when he was 14. He “came up here because California is way behind on the recreational.”

Andrew is looking towards a long-term career in the marijuana industry. He has street cred, and he’s a good guy. Where I come from (somewhere near West Virginia and Kentucky) people decide whether they love you or hate you within a millisecond of meeting you. I could tell I loved Andrew (just as friends) right when he walked in the room. A no BS sort of chap.

Andrew makes jewelry. He doesn’t like to smoke pot alone. He’s an experienced gardener of plants that are not pot, like tomato and basil and even horseradish. He likes all genres of music. Old Country. Reggae. Dub. Hendrix. Jazz. Blues, lately.

Budtender AndrewAndrew is a sativa guy. Indica makes him fall asleep. He’s experienced enough to know that the Maui Wowie grown in the middle of a pineapple plantation in Hawaii is gonna be a better strain than Maui Wowie grown indoors in Seattle. Chemotypes and whatnot. “The time I had real Maui Wowie – it was literally like eating a pineapple.” He says he’d be ready to jump in an assist a master grower. Not that he’s gonna bail on Ike’s anytime soon. “I’ve had a lots of different job experience, but this is a great one. I’m learning a lot.”

Other plans are in the works too. “I want to basically get fifty acres of land and get a group of people together who have a similar mindset and do a co-op living situation. And run businesses from that – grow herbs for an apothecary. Open a holistic healing center featuring herbal medicine.”

I reminded Andrew that he could build an International chain of apothecaries, and his eyes lit up. The future looks good.