Who’da thunk we’d make it into GQ’s recent list of the 25 best new stores in the world? (And as the only pot shop, to boot!?)

The Cushy Way to Buy Your Kush
Uncle Ike’s
Seattle, Est. 2014

In addition to feelings of bliss and benevolence, another glorious side effect of legal weed is that you no longer have to buy dime bags from some sketchy high-school dropout behind the Citgo station. But as with any other kind of store, there are good pot shops and bad pot shops. And then there’s Uncle Ike’s, the West Coast’s premier marijuana emporium, which in only three years has become a Seattle institution. From its helpful neon hey stoner! around the corner sign—perfect for the directionally challenged and/or herbally influenced—to its expert and attentive staff, the original of three locations has made what used to be an illicit transaction feel bourgeois. (You can even shop with your dog.) Ike’s sells every conceivable form of hemp, including pre-rolled joints, edibles, concentrates, hash, flowers, and weekly specials of locally grown products. Best of all, prices compete with old-fashioned dope dealers. It’s basically the 420 fantasyland of your dreams: a pleasant, affordable, borderline luxurious way to buy drugs without ever once worrying about the cops.

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