Uncle Ike’s is partnering with Solstice to sell new “Tiny House” packs of pre-rolled joints to help house the homeless. This is important, because Seattle has at least 3,000 homeless people sleeping outside.

When you buy a $23 pack of joints, $4 will go to the Low Income House Institute (LIHI) to help build tiny houses at two of the three new homeless encampments that will open, according to Mayor Ed Murray’s office, this spring.

Each pack contains four ready-rolls containing a total of three grams of cannabis… and not just any cannabis, but good stuff: 24 percent THC.

“Uncle Ike’s is a family, and our family includes all of Seattle,” said owner Ian Eisenberg. “As a small local business, we are grateful for our blessings and we want to share them with those in our family who might benefit most from a helping hand.”

Solstice made an initial run of 2,500 Tiny House packs of joints, according to LIHI director Sharon Lee. If those all sell, that means $7,500 to LIHI, enough to build three tiny houses at $2,500 each.

Lee says that LIHI hopes enough Tiny House packs sell over the coming year to build 12 tiny houses for the homeless.

According to Eisenberg, he and his staff will build and donate another tiny house, and so will Solstice. Solstice and Uncle Ike’s are each contributing an additional combined $1 per pack sold, and using that money to buy materials and build tiny houses themselves.

The total number of tiny houses needed for both Seattle encampments is about 100.

“While it’s a little bit of an unusual fundraiser, funds for shelter will help address a deadly serious problem: 91 homeless men and women died on the streets last year. Safe and secure Tiny Houses would have prevented some of those deaths,” Lee said.

The Tiny House packs of pre-rolled joints are sold exclusively at Uncle Ike’s 23rd and Union and Capitol Hill locations.