The sedative relief of a stout indica is a wonderful antidote to a stressful day. Indicas are like a warm, familiar psychological blanket, soothing to the soul.

I was just reminded of just how delightful indicas can be when I had the chance to sample two of the finest indica strains from Uncle Ike’s.

Pre 98 Bubba Kush, an 85 percent indica/15 percent sativa, is a legendary strain commonly used by patients suffering from insomnia. Bubba provides a heavy body high, true to its indica heritage, making it a favorite among the Kush crowd. It’s a great option for pain relief; its pungently earthy muskiness, with hints of coffee on the exhale, is a delightful prelude to deep relaxation. Bubba is a good choice for staving off depression. Its noticeable mood elevation is also useful for PTSD and bipolar disorder.

The Pre 98 Bubba Kush available at Ike’s boasts an impressive 28% THC, meaning plenty of bang for the buck. The effects are long-legged, too, as in they stick around for awhile. Bacon’s Buds, based in Washougal, is the producer/processor.

More than a few puffs of Bubba can lead to couch lock, and then to sleepy time. That’s a big plus, of course, if you’re combating insomnia or anxiety, but it’s a factor of which you should be aware if you toke up before, say, a movie or a concert.


Bastard OG is an interesting strain. I’m guessing it might be Blue Bastard x OG Kush, since it’s from the Blue Bastard folks, but that’s in the absence of confirming documentation.

Like Bubba Kush, Bastard OG’s indica effects are relaxing and body-centered, but the Bastard seems not to be as sleepy, sedating, or incapacitating as the Bubba. It could be useful in the daytime to take the edge off (in smaller amounts), then at night for relaxation.

The Bastard OG I sampled was grown by Blue Bastard, based on Camano Island. It measured 20 percent THC, and its sweet, dense flowers resulted in euphoria and relaxation. If you enjoy a the mental equivalent of a relaxing warm bath — but aren’t looking to be sedated — you’ll enjoy Bastard OG.