If you appreciate fine cannabis, I have an item for the top of your to-do list. You really should try the weed from Leafwerx, one of Chelan County’s largest marijuana farms. San Juan Sun Grown, which produces marijuana under the Leafwerx brand, employs 30 to 50 full-time and part-time workers, depending on the season, according to co-owner David Rice.

Leafwerx just harvested their first mixed-light crop in Wenatchee this year, and considering its excellence, there’s much to which we can look forward. The company, barely a year old, is already one of the highest weight-producing Tier 3 I-502 grows in Washington State.


Nine Pound Hammer

First, let’s consider the legendary Nine Pound Hammer, an 80 percent indica strain blending Goobers, Hells OG, and Jack The Ripper.

These dense, trichome-covered flowers offer citrusy grape and lime flavors, with heavy, long-lasting pain relief and stress reduction — and, lest we forget (a distinct possibility after sampling this strain), 27 percent THC.

Nine Pound Hammer’s only one-fifth sativa, but that portion of its genetic heritage speaks loudly enough for the strain to offer a happy, euphoric and uplifting cerebral high, adding stimulating effects to its pain relief. This morphs gradually into a sedated, couch-loving state of mind, which fades into sleepiness.

Suggested Activity, Nine Pound Hammer: Chillin’ on the couch, Netflix binge with Bae or Fluffy

707 OG

Next up is the tasty 707 OG, weighing in at 24 percent THC. The “707” part of the name comes from the area code for Humboldt County, California, from whence the OG line of strains is reputed to have sprung.

707 is a blend of Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Master Kush, making it an indica-dominant hybrid. The strain is balanced enough to leave most folks feeling “heady” and creative from the Sour D sativa side, and it also gets considerable diesel terpenes from that source. A bit OG pine, with lemon and a dash of skunk is also present in the bouquet.

Smoking more than a few tokes of 707 OG, though, results in a sedative effect and body high, after the initial spacey cerebral effect. Since this strain can result in long interludes of random, deep though, don’t consume just before work that requires your close attention.

Suggested Activity, 707 Kush: Social/party settings with a few friends, listening to music

San Juan Green Crack

Ahh, then there’s the phenomenal San Juan Green Crack, a pure sativa which will light up your neurons with a burst of herbal illumination. Green Crack is the headiest of head highs, and offers energy akin to a couple of cups of coffee.

If you need an invigorating type of mental buzz when you have chores to accomplish, Green Crack is your strain. It’s no accident that Leafwerx’s packaging classes this as a “Go Time” strain — you’ll be ready for the world after a few tokes of these sweet-tasting nugs.

It’s the ultimate wake-and-bake strain, and as such it can also be helpful in combatting depression and fatigue. If, however, you are prone to anxiety attacks, you may want to go easy until you’re sure how of its effects.

Suggested Activity, San Juan Green Crack: Cleaning the house from stem to stern, OR working out/jogging/yoga

Suzy Q

The impressive Leafwerx line of strains includes the cannabidiol (CBD) heavy Suzy Q, boasting a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC. Rocking the scales at 19.6 percent CBD and just 0.9 percent THC, Suzy Q serves to relax and focus with little or no psychoactivity.

Suzy Q’s dark-green flowers have a crisp, piney taste, and the strain is ideal for daytime use by those who want to relieve the symptoms of chronic pain, nausea, arthritis, muscle spasms, and anxiety without any “high” or impairment.

Suggested Activity, Suzy Q: Filling out a job application or balancing your checkbook

Arcata Trainwreck

If you enjoy the excitement of a pulse-pounding sativa dominant, you’ll love Arcata Trainwreck, a Northern California hybrid that has Mexican and Thai sativas and Afghani indicas in its family tree. Weighing in at 20 percent THC, Trainwreck has soaring, cerebral effects, and hits hard like its namesake.

The flowers have a sweet, lemony, piney bouquet with hints of menthol and a fruity sweetness occasionally peeking through. Upon smoking, the taste is earthy and piney, with skunky undertones on the exhale.

Trainwreck’s effects can be a bit of a creeper; as already mentioned, they hit hard, but it can be a few tokes in before they fully manifest themselves. An uplifting sensation of elation and happiness ensues, boosting creativity and art appreciation.

Suggested Activity, Arcata Trainwreck: Visit an art museum or attend a reading

Platinum Cookies

Platinum Cookies is a popular hybrid of OG Kush, Durban Poison, and a third, unknown strain — ooh, don’t you just love a mystery! (According to some sources, the mystery strain is Cherry Pie.)

PC flowers have sweet candy and berry notes when smoked, followed by a spicy fruitiness with earth undertones on the exhale. This balanced hybrid hearkens back to its OG Kush forebears, smell-wise, with hints of pine and diesel. The flowers have subtle purple highlights among a heavy forest of trichomes.

This soothing strain is good for anxiety, stress and pain, and can help with depression. Leafwerx Platinum Cookies measure almost 30 percent THC, meaning you get lots of bang for your buck.

Suggested Activity: Platinum Cookies: Relaxing conversation or TV